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Custom sound system for Chevy classic truck

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Found this 1977 Chevy Classic truck. They installed some customized truck parts for the audio system such as Kenwood BT Head Unit, Infinity 6x9's custom box with 12-inch Shallow Kicker Subwoofer and AudioControl Epicenter.




What do you guys think of this setup?

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Needs a period appropriate 8 track deck...


In all honesty, anything is an improvement over stock in vehicles from say 1990s on down.  My 1970 Wagoneer has just an AM radio with a mono speaker in the dash (passenger side) which is pretty crummy sounding to say the least.  The beauty of analog audio / old cars although is that you have so much flexibility in being able to replace everything.  I plan on replacing the mono speaker with a modern speaker and then wiring up a 12v bluetooth amp to it (can be had for as little as $10 on parts sites these days).  As for my 2015 Grand Cherokee with a big touch screen / proprietary interfaces and plugs, doubt that will last 50 years like the Wagoneer's system has!




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