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Rick Reineke

Tom Petty, RIP

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Apparently, he's been pulled off life support but there are no solid reports of his dying. At least it's not yet officially confirmed. Of course it's a tough situation.


BTW- I thought this article on his tour that wrapped up last week give a little nice insight into Petty and his band:


Inside Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Last Big Tour

Behind the scenes as Petty and his band battle the elements, remember old times and celebrate a 40-year bond




Petty and the Heartbreakers were musicians I respected more than I enjoyed; that was probably largely a function of my (then young) age and tastes. Then I saw the band live. Man, they were solid. Really really solid. Sigh.


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Caught the Bowl show on the 21st. So much love and talent evident that night. Hard to comprehend he's gone. Thanks for the great gifts you gave us Tom.




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