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Ben B

Add a 4th receiver to the SL6 antenna distribution

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Hi all,

I want to add a 4th receiver to my 688/sl6 setup and would like the antenna to go through the RF distribution system of my SL6. I was thinking of adding a SMA T connector to one receiver in the SL6, have the 4th receiver plugged on one side of this T connector and into the SL6 on the other side. 

Has anyone already tried this? Is there any reason that it wouldn't work? Is there a better way to do this?




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I don't know if that will work but I suspect it is NOT recommended. You'll need something like this to split RF signals. You will lose like 4-6 dB of signal. 




I also suspect the cabling will be pretty ugly trying to patch this into an SL6. Why Sound Devices didn't think to add RF loop outputs on the side of the SL6 is beyond me.

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Hi Ben and Derek,

The T will work but....

You can have odd interactions between the tuned circuits at the front end of each of each receiver causing nulls at certain frequencies. Basically the interactions are unpredictable. But, in general, the T will split the signal and it will work in a pinch.


The 2 way splitter sold by Lectro (listed by Derek, a standard MiniCircuits part) will split the signal two ways dependably with 3 dB of signal reduction (loss) since the signal has to feed energy to two receivers. Three dB is half the signal but that isn't terrible. At least it is pretty much guaranteed to be only 3 dB unlike the T case. Also, the receivers are isolated from each other which can prevent odd results due to low level leakage of local oscillators and front end interactions. Tying two receiver inputs together directly is not the best idea. You should use an antenna distribution system for isolation.  The Lectro (MiniCircuits) two way splitter is rated for more than 30 dB of isolation. MiniCircuits is a well known high end RF accessory company. Their catalog is huge and I recommend them.


In short, eventually get the two way splitter and dodge a few weird problems.

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher


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