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Cuban Sonic Spying?

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This scares the heck out of me. What if they recorded only the harmonics of the attack. Permanent hearing loss or permanent tinnitus would take away the most important tool I own. Egad!!!!





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If you go to YouTube, you can see a full res version of that spectral display. 

It's linear-for-frequency (rather than log) with combs or beats every 125 Hz or so. 

Unfortunately, there's no way to tell the SPL. The vertical scale is dBFS with no reference to what level the mic heard. 

But if this were loud, it would certainly be annoying. And if it were continuous, it could affect thinking... at least, it would for me.

I've got to assume CIA or State or somebody has more details. Possibly even tried to convey the details to the reporter, but things got lost in translation.

At least having pinned down the sound, we can dismiss the claims that this is nothing more than mass hysteria.

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In 1982 I transferred the rushes of a feature that I had recorded.

The small monitor speaker I used was fed by a low grade amplifier.

I found that after about one hour of transferring I needed to get some

fresh are and get away from what I was doing as I was very fatigued!

Some time later the owner of the facility told me that the amplifier had been

found to have a parasitic high frequency oscillation that was causing my hearing problem!

Enough said.



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7 hours ago, Bouke said:

Well, I for one believe the government puts something into the water that makes us believe in conspiracy theories.



I thought the chemtrails were doing that?


7 hours ago, fieldmixer said:

Great way to kill a thread.


Feel free to resurrect it

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