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Filming in Dubai - any advice?

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Hi there, my most esteemed colleagues.  It's been a while.  Glad (and grateful) to be back.

I'm heading to Dubai in two weeks to shoot some scenics - general city shots, then to Al Ayn to shoot desert life, and finally to a private club to shoot golf.

Does anyone have experience travelling there?  I'm curious about how stringent customs might be (I'lll have 12 cases with a carnet), whether anyone can recommend a good co. to provide shooting permits and transpo/fixer for 2 days of broll shooting, whether a visa is required (i've found "yes' and "no" on the web.).

It'll just be me and one other guy.  We only need permits for public places since it's just city scenics.  And the rest of the time we'll be on private property.

Any advice/help from someone who's been would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

John Cole

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Im also curious if anyone's had trouble with getting wireless mic's into the country...?

I'll have a carnet.



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I shot a feature 3 years back in Dubai, we had a local line producer who took care of all details, never had any issues with getting equipment into and out of Dubai,they are used to film crew coming all the time(esp from India),I had all papers handy but had no issues,guess a good line producer can and will sort out any issues, I didnt have a carnet

Good luck, 

let us know how it went



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