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Recommendations for a smart slate

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I am primarily a camera man but my company is looking to purchase a smart slate in a few weeks for an upcoming series of projects.


I plan on jam syncing the cameras. Would I be able to use the slate as a master clock provided that I re-jam when the slate’s batteries are changed?


I was hoping that I could get some suggestions on the pros and cons of the different models available. From my research I think the Denecke TS-TCB and the Ambient Lockit Slate May be good options for me. The Denecke slate looks nice due to the ability to input text on the second row of the LEDs but I wonder if it’s one of those features that in practice hardly ever gets used when a marker is much easier.


I also often shoot many music videos. What additional equipment would I need to playback and send timecode wirelessly to the smart slate?

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Your sound mixers Recorder is the master for jam sync. Slates are never masters. If you aren't hiring a sound mixer you would need a Timecode capable recorder and lockit boxes for all you describe. Music videos are a whole other beast and should be done by an experienced professional with a full playback system. 

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