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Tripod for Ambience gathering

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Take a look at these.  MeFOTO RoadTrip Air Tripod Kit

Sirui T-005X Aluminum Tripod with C-10S Ball Head


Both are under $150

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Are you talking about a regular camera tripod? I have a Benro that I use. It's pretty nice for what I need. It isn't super heavy so I can take it places and not be weighed down. Easy to set up. 


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On 12/24/2017 at 8:58 PM, ramallo said:


I'll second this! There's a lot you can do with one of these stands for a compact ambience recording setup. Here's how I have it set up with my F4 and DPA 4060s:




Obviously use whatever you need to mount your mic; the 5001B stand has a 3/8" male-threaded stud at the top for mounting.


The way I have my recorder mounted here is with a Cinevate Universal Accessory Mount screwed into the 1/4" hole on the F4 and attached to the stand with a Manfrotto Nano Clamp (there's certainly cheaper versions of all of these things to be had from Impact, etc.)


I have the DPA 4060s mounted on a couple of 12" video rods that are connected together and then mounted in a rod clamp to the shock mount. A rod clamp on each end has one of the DPA sticky mounts on it for each mic. Still trying to find a nicer way to manage the cables from these!


Overall it's a nicely compact setup that I can easily break down to fit in a backpack or even a shoulder bag.

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