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Christopher Salazar

Apple Offering Battery Replacement Discount on Older iPhones

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After an outcry from iPhone users that Apple is slowing down older iPhones to prolong battery life, the Verge is reporting:


Apple says that batteries are “consumable components,” and is offering anyone with an iPhone 6 or later a battery replacement for $29 starting in late January through December 2018 — a discount of $50 from the usual replacement cost. Apple’s also promising to add features to iOS that provide more information about the battery health in early 2018, so that users are aware of when their batteries are no longer capable of supporting maximum phone performance.


Visit Apple’s website for more info:




This would be a great way to extend the useable life of older devices still in workflows. 

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Good. Maybe also time to move beyond the rediculous business model of selling us all a new phone (computer) every two years or less. No reason you shouldn't be able to get four or five years of use out of these things unless you physically trash it somehow . For 90% of users they’re just email/Facebook checkers and YouTube streamers. Pretty sure the phone I had five years ago did those things just fine. 

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