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Jim Feeley

New audiophile (?) portable reel-to-reel recorder coming?

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On 1/5/2018 at 8:21 AM, tourtelot said:

Good Lord Larry!  You crack me up.



Built in 10" reel adapters though.  No need to invite Rube Goldberg to the party.


A friend of mine just bought a nice Nagra IVS with a 10" reel adapter which he plans to use to record music (mics>pristine preamps/mixer>recorder) for exactly that market.  He thinks there is money to be made.  The only other recordings will be a simultaneous DSD recording to Merging gear and Pyramix for the same reason.  He believes that a couple of "hi-end" recording methods aimed at the audiophile market will reap enough financial rewards to pay for the costs of the projects.  I disagree but he might be right.  He has a smart business head.



That fellow is a friend of mine, too. There's quite a bit more to his story, but he should probably tell that. My experience is that the audiophile market has been quite receptive to the notion of analog tape as a desirable format. The Tape Project is still alive and kickin' twelve years after it was founded, with 30 titles in the catalog. And there are probably ten other companies selling tapes these days too. This positive reception of the format includes playback as well as recording - a Nagra based playback system was awarded best sound of show by Stereophile magazine at CES2018, rolling analog tape on a Nagra T. In the interest of full disclosure I was a founder of the Tape Project and I supplied the repro amp used with the Nagra T at CES. I'm not intending at all to argue digital vs. analog as I like both and feel there is room for all religions. Just wanted to share that one can indeed reap financial reward from the medium in the audiophile market. 


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