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MixPre Series - New v1.53 Firmware - Jan. 18, 2018

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Hi All,


Just noticed that new firmware is available for the Sound Devices MixPre Series.  v1.53  released Jan. 18, 2018







Last update Jan 18, 2018

Changes introduced in 1.53 include:


  • The MixPre-10T transport control's orange LED brightness is dimmed in stop mode to make it clearer when the unit is recording.
  • The Take List indicates which file is playing back by displaying it in green text.


  • Limiters were not always enabled when switching from Advanced to Basic Mode
  • Pans were not always correct after switching to Basic Mode from Advanced Mode with Inputs Linked.
  • If timecode backup time expired when the MixPre-10T was powered off, TOD timecode was incorrect when next powered on.
  • Rare stuttering of audio during playback of some files
  • Audio crackling noise in headphones when turning HP encoder
  • Incorrect gain values when channels are MS linked
  • Sound Reports were not automatically copied to the USB thumbdrive (MixPre-10T only)
  • New Project Name was not retained after a power cycle if no files were recorded in that project
  • Long file names were not being displaying fully

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