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Christian Spaeth

The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

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On 3/9/2018 at 2:13 PM, JonG said:

I guess there's no point to asking because if the DP was dumb enough to say something like that, then any other question would not be worth getting into, but where does a DP or anyone for that matter feel the need to give sound tips to the sound person? I mean, can I get away with telling the DP which f-stop will be the best to use in a particular situation?

Had this DP tell me over and over that his friend works for Skywalker Sound and says that all smoke machine noises can be taken out. The director (his friend) was really pleased by that and never listened to my 2 cents Haha. Guess it doesnt matter the frequency of the machine, proximity to mics, or proximity to frequency of the actors voice at all. Thanks DP.


Recently worked on a movie where every time the aliens would make clicky/chirpy noises the actors would react. We shot about 15 pages near a construction site in a quarry where frogs were mating. Similar to above, I kept getting asked "does the construction kill us?" I'd say "if not the frogs would" and vice versa. 

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My response to the Skywalker comment would be “Oh, cool! So Skywalker is doing the post on this huh?”



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"What are you doing?" -Editor

"Shooting a plate" -Me

"What's a plate?" -Editor 


"Can we turn down the camera fan? Maybe to adaptive mode" -Me

"No I dont want to overheat the camera" -DP (I've had good luck with DPs lately)

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