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Frode L Hvatum

Lectronics antennae for Zaxcom QRX200

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Hi folks. New to the board here.

Looking forward to alle I can learn here.

I live in Oslo in Norway. I use exclusively Zaxcom for lavs, and the Nomad or a 633 for recorder.


We have a couple of Lectronics antennas for a Zaxcom QRX200, and after comparing them to the standard antennas we get 1 pixel(!) better reception. I have to say I´m seriously underwhelmed. Are we doing something wrong, or is that as expected?


The standard antennas give pretty good coverage, by all means, but sometimes you just wish for a few meters more when an actor is moving a away on a wide shot. 

(I know we can set the trxs to record, but this thread is about wireless range...)

Anybody have a tip on what is wrong?


...edited electronics to Lectronics (Safari autocorrected it)...

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Frode,  In your description you mention "electronics".  I'm pretty sure you meant Lectrosonics.  I'm an all Zaxcom  guy,  but aren't Lectro antennas BNC connectors? If they are,  How did you plug them into a Zaxcom? What length were both antennas cut to?

Thank you, Martin


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Any whip antenna is wire cut to a specific length. The difference of a pixel either way can be the difference of only 1 dB and can happen just based on relative antenna position at any given moment.

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Sorry for the late reply.


Martin: I got two cables BNC to SMA. Seems to be working fine.


Karl: I am talking about the SNA600 which has BNC


Glenn: The antennas have adjustable length and we tuned/adjusted the length to the area of frequencies we are using. 

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