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Adam White

K-Tek Squid Universal Mount & and other transmitter solutions

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Who is using this product?



Has everyone tested it with their favourite transmitters? I see a Zaxcom in the photos, but what about Lectro HMA, Sennheiser SKP, etc? Insert photos if you have them.


I haven't gone wireless on the boom yet but this seems like a great solution to keep the weight (and the controls) at the operator's end of the pole rather than the microphone end.  Is it better and/or more versatile more than the sidekick transmitter module by K-tek?




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I bought a K-Tek Squid last month and it's wonderful. Very classy and sturdy. There's a small learning curve for being able to quickly and efficiently attach the transmitter, but you get used to it pretty fast. I use it with my Sony UTX-P03 plug on, which is of comparable size to other plug-on transmitters. Definitely worth a buy!



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