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Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

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17 hours ago, Ilari Sivil said:

I'm getting a bit more interested in this mic. How does it sound compared to let's say an MKH-50 or an Oktava MK-012?  If the side/rear rejection is good, this could be a very formidable contender for reality/documentary type work.

The CS-M1 is the same overall pattern (super cardioid) as the MKH 50 but a bit narrower which shows up as more useable reach. With it's built in non adjustable frequency response it has a bit less low end than the 50 as it remains fairly flat to 40hz. The CS-M1 also goes down to 40hz but it's about 10db down at that point as it's LF rolloff starts at about 100hz and rolls off 10db in a 60hz slope until 40hz. Quite honestly you'll never miss it for dialog. The rear rejection is superb, if you turn the rear of the CS towards the person speaking it sounds like they left the room. As an FYI, the latest information from Sanken says delivery to U.S. dealers should start at the end of this month (August) or early/mid September.

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I’ve been using the CSM1 in place of my CS3e for a couple of weeks now and I’m enjoying the sound and weight. Mostly docu-series material. Not too much swinging of the boom but when I do it’s been a joy to have the small profile when indoors with low ceilings. It’s sound matches my COS11s better than the MKh50 and it’s off axis rejection is great. It sounds closer in tone to a CS1 than my usual CS3e but now that I’ve moved to Sankens all around there appears (to my ears at least) a consistency between all my mics. 



Evan Meszaros

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