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Parker Brown

Panasonic EVA1 Timecode

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Hey everyone,

I hate these kind of posts, but here I am in a Mexican hotel room with a camera that's not co-operating. Panasonic EVA-1 is shooting PAL, is in 25fps (on speed and recording audio), but is locked in record run and won't take a timecode jam from my tentacle. The menu item that allows you to switch from free run to rec run is greyed out and un-selectable. Anyone used this camera before?  I've been through every menu setting and nothing has allowed me access to freerun. Thoughts? Thanks in advance. 



Got it!


Turns out the below setting must be OFF.


Camera settings/fps/vfr sw - OFF/ON


Hope this can save someone else a massive PITA. 



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Last year I would have been the first soundie in my country to shoot with the EVA1, and I even got to steal it away to do one of my vlogs with the EVA1:

I have no problems at all in using it with my Tentacle Syncs. 

It is quite normal on many cameras that you need to ensure VFR is switched *off*. 

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