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BoomRecorder being used on "Love Island"

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"ITV went with DANTE over IP into a boom recorder."


I feel like something got lost in translation? I assume they mean "BoomRecorder"

For the curious about the lav mics:



The radio mics worn by the contestants have been upgraded by Canadian developer Q5X to be fully waterproofed and also rechargeable, saving the production the expense of carting around hundreds of batteries (there are two mic packs per contestant).


“In the first series we had some mics damaged by water from around the pool area so we worked with Q5X to refine the kit,” says Kruger. “Now a contestant could jump in the pool and the transmitters and mic capsules wouldn’t suffer long term damage plus we don’t have to deal with the often fiddly and unsightly aqua packs.


“Generally, they are worn on the arm or in a bumbag but we can also clip them onto floats in the pool and keep them at water level to continue transmitting.”


So many cameras, so few crew?!



“It’s quite remarkable that we can control sixty-odd cameras with just two operators when years ago that would have been unheard of.” Steve Kruger, ITV Studios


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6 hours ago, tourtelot said:

Oh and condoms over the Tx packs, right?


I'm sure they have plenty spare!
But it sounds like they worked with Q5X to bring out waterproof transmitters.

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