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Yes. Bruce was a big fan of ARs. In one room he had basically a whole wall of AR speakers which of course required enormous power to get any kind of performance. In those days, Bruce was using a whole bank of Phase Linear amplifiers. I will add that Bruce used to tweak everything --- I wouldn't be surprised if he had made modifications, parts substitutions and such, for the amplifiers and even the speakers.

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A set of those, gotten at an estate sale that also yielded a Magnetone tape deck, were my studio monitors in the late 1970's.  OK, I guess, better than what I had before!  When the tweeters went I could not find replacements , so out they went.

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thanks for the info.

i had no idea about the opaque resin... what a thing!

there´s some issues then... electronic components, faders aging poorly, the opaque resin...

most of the info I have read in the web is about the high quality of the mic´s pres, and I am tempted to try it cause the offer is a bargain.

I have seen that there´s a guy (or team) in switzerland that still service stella´s devices


but I guess that puting a hand on AMI will cost like a house in the shore...

i´ll try to have a chance to check the unit, and then decide

any coments and info are welcom






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