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Matthias Richter

Manual for Cooper Cs 208

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Hi there,

I am new to this group so let me say hello to all of you! I`m Matthias, Sound Mixer from Berlin/Germany, working in feature film and TV-movie mostly.

And here is my first question to you guys: does anyone have a pdf file or a link to the manual of a cooper mixer CS208D? Not the CS 208V2 which is the newer version. On the website of cooper sound they just have a brochure and the V2 manual.

And after working with (rented) AD Mixers and LM1 I finally made the step and purchased a 208 with ADDA and DiO option. It just needs to be transfered to Berlin - feel like Christmas now ...

Regards, Matthias

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Guest jimg

I've found the folks at Cooper Sound very helpful. Email them and they may well be able to help you out. They sent me a copy of the manual for an older 106+1 after I purchased it used, and have been quite helpful all along with mods and other issues with both my 106+1 and my 104.

Best regards,


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