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  2. Advice on music video style upcoming shoot

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I ended up with a playback system on stage consisting of two Behringer 205D monitors (at an extremely low volume) and my KRK subwoofer. I played the music tracks via my iPhone which I had mounted to my bag. The audio out of the phone was split - one signal right back into my recorder for sync in post, and the other signal to a Sony wireless unit which was sent to the system on stage. The music had a 40Hz pulse with the beat so the dancers had something to lock to, and the music out of the Behringers was low enough that it was barely picked up by my mics while recording dialog in the bar. (The reason for this is because the musician actors had to look like they were miming the instrument and voice parts realistically.) It worked great except for an impromptu scene where the director had the main actors (2) dancing together in the crowd. I couldn't boom them and my omni lavs picked up a little too much bleed from the monitors on stage as they got closer.
  3. Roland R88 failed playback issue

    did you mount the internal drive on a MAC over USB to play them back? Could be that MAC or Windows 10 placed hidden file-system files on the drive which the Roland 88 is choking on. Does it playback files recently recorded on a freshly formatted (in the Roland) Card? Is the SD card a SDHC or SDXC? Try recording on an SDHC card (<=32GB).
  4. WiFi and my mid 2012 MacBook Pro

    I would think that if it works fine at the store, the problem might be with your WiFi router. This may be completely unrelated, but here it goes: Years ago, I would keep losing internet connection almost on a daily basis. After many calls to Time Warner (and many months) call center in India “tech support “ - you know, going down their list: “is your computer turned on? Is it connected to the modem? Is the modem plugged in to power?....., finally someone determined that the modem was outdated and wasn’t compliant with their new specs and wasn’t able to handle the updated speed etc. - the mind boggles as to why they couldn’t determine this right away, nor had notified me that I needed to exchange the modem for their newer compatible version to begin with... anyway, all problems went away once that modem was replaced.
  5. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    agreed, although I'd recommend running camera at 24.000fps with telecine to 24.000fps and sound at 48khz with 24.000fps TC
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  7. Hi All, Having updated to the :Wave I would like to make its power cable. I have Switchcraft 761K for BDS and am looking for the appropriate 2-pin lemo for the :Wave. I have a source for these that needs to know if these are "0B" or "1B"? Any help would be appreciated. RL
  8. If you click on the WiFi icon in the top menu while holding down the Alt-key, you will get a reading of a range of parameters of your connection. You can check your RSSI (received signal strength); on my connection (with app. 5 m to my Airport Express base) I get a RSSI of -59 dBm. If your RSSI is significantly lower, you might have a problem with either the WiFi card (easy to fix) or the antenna in the screen base (not easy to fix). It might still be a software problem, but in this way you can start by eliminating hardware issues...
  9. Roland R88 failed playback issue

    Was the media formatted in that machine. However all of the recorders I've worked with display a message if not formatted properly prior to recording. Don't know if the Rolands do that.
  10. It's the Little Things...

    @Rachel Cameron: nothing like a little out-of-the-box thinking to make your day a good one!
  11. cantar x3

    Before I ordered my X3, I asked Aaton a question regarding the minimal external power supply voltage. They answered that they changed something on the power board so the X3 accepts lower voltage than the stated 13V. Recently I sent in my #266 for some minor mechanical adjustments and when it came back the service documentation said they, although I had no problems in that regard, changed out the power board to a new version. So my conclusion is that since the X3 first was released the power board was changed at least two times.
  12. rescued from the dumpster

    The old UCLA Royce hall FOH console was basically left out on the dock on purpose until someone finally stole it. (I think One Pass Inc did the same thing with their SpectraSonics console after it set itself on fire.) The EMTs I saw were stacked up on the dock @ Skywalker. I prob could have made a lowball offer (at that point they were deeply unhip) but we were living in a pretty small apartment at that time.... It was @ Ace Surplus where I saw the stacks of 6 plate KEMs and Moviolas, Fairlight frames, Sony editing 3/4 decks and piles and piles of finely machined 35mm sprocket drives, sitting out in the weather....an "Ozymandias" sort of moment.
  13. rescued from the dumpster

    Phil, don't you have a story of seeing some EMT plates on a UCLA loading doc waiting to be discarded? When I was a kid, I remember Carl Countryman having some damn impressive speakers that had, IIRC, been cast off by some band he worked with... Fun find, Newz!
  14. Roland R88 failed playback issue

    Did you power cycle the unit... Did you reset the unit... ( I am sure there is a re set) it may be as simple as removing the power source and did you try to record new files on another formatted card... and try to play those back... Did this just start recently, out of nowhere, or is this the first time you have tried to play back recorded files on this machine. If that is the case, methodically go through ALL the settings to make sure nothing is set improperly. I know nothing about you or your machine, so sorry for the dumb suggestions... you may have done all this.. I also know nothing of the age or use of that machine, meaning, the play button could be damaged or just plain failed...
  15. Last week
  16. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    Yes, thanks, Glen -- fixed it.
  17. Roland R88 failed playback issue

    Maybe try copying the to files to the computer, opening them in something like audacity and then saving and copying it back to the R88. What file extension/format does the R88 record in? Try change your sd cards or whatever you use. BTW does the R88 not play back _at all_ now?
  18. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    Hi John. I'm sure you meant 0.1% (.001x). Eric, assuming the film will be transferred to video for editing, it will probably be pulled down .1%, to 23.976. So that the sound stays in sync during the pull down, it should be recorded at a sampling freq of 48.048 (.1% faster), so that when it is pulled down, it will be at the desired sampling freq of 48K. However, it seems that the MixPre3 does not have 48.048 as an option, which is probably what your friend was trying to tell you.
  19. Show me your bag

    Hi Bernie, What do you use for RF distro? I have been happy with Stridsberg. Very neat looking, organized bag.
  20. rescued from the dumpster

    Dan Alexander said that he was out at the dumpster behind DR in Germany in the 1970s as they tossed a lot of "old fashioned" Neumann tube mics and tube pres, the original batches of which launched his used sound equipment business in Berkeley.
  21. rescued from the dumpster

    A long time and several careers ago I worked at Masque Sound, a rental company in NJ that services Broadway and other markets. When the sound package from the original production of Cats came back a lot of "old" mics were sent to the dumpster. A coworker rescued several and I wound up with an RCA 74b in exchange for modifying his mixing console. Sent it off to Clarence Kane to be refurbed and had a Lundahl transformer installed. It's still one of my favorite VO mics.
  22. rescued from the dumpster

    Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. rescued from the dumpster

    Ouch! Doubtful -- but it might be worthwhile to someone for parts -- if, for instance, the knuckles are in decent condition. Also, what Philip said.
  24. rescued from the dumpster

    My mom's cousin (who worked for RCA (and later NBC) recalled throwing out boxes full of perfectly good RCA ribbon mics. 44s, 77 series and such..
  25. rescued from the dumpster

    Might end up being a "Pyrrhic" repair job, right? But anything you could do on your own with a few parts might be worth it, esp to have as a backup or "stand-pole".
  26. rescued from the dumpster

    It will most likely live as a prop in my office. Malcom is probably correct. speaking of dumpsters, I also noticed this highly abused VDB pole that was also laying around to be disposed of and asked if I could have it. It is really rough and has been repaired unsuccessfully. I just hate to see such a quality item fall into disrepair. I am wondering if I should put it out of its misery. it has a hole in the number 3 extension. Would it be worth sending in for repair?
  27. rescued from the dumpster

    Definately put in the correct place IMHO John!
  28. Sound sync advice using film 0.01%

    The pull down for audio used to be done in telecine or transfer. To change the record speed of your files you'd have to change the sample rate. I do not recommend this at all, you can make all sorts of issues for yourself later on in post. Anymore I strongly recommend a 1=1 shooting method, where the film frame rate of the camera is 23.98, and the audio is recorded at 48k with 23.98 TC.
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