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  2. Cantar X3 Mini

    Are there any bags available for the mini yet?
  3. Guessing this is bad idea.. induction loop in car...

    Thanks guys - All good info. We have more creative mtgs to decide further how to handle this. Good to know a loop can work. Would be a cost savings. But still would rather use open speaker.
  4. True, not sure though if the RFE Signal Generator might be of use.
  5. On My Radio

    btw, great tunes mono (eg Natalia, Bill, Eivor and the Afrocuban comp). d r
  6. Cantar X3 Mini

    30% off the Cantar X3 Mini , but only for Black Friday: https://www.aaton.com/page/black-friday
  7. Don‘t think it‘ll pick up much from a receiver
  8. These situations when a RF-Explorer is useful...
  9. Marantz PMD-706 Six Channel DSLR Recorder

    Yeah, if you already own a DR70D then I think this is certainly not for you, as the benefits is hardly worth the change. At the bare minimum you should get the Zoom F4 (which is on sale today for only US$499!) or something even better. Haha!

    Was that the one up for sale for $1.5K? Yeah I was seriously thinking about it too, but in the end its excessive weight just was too off-putting for me. But it sold very quickly anyway.
  11. Zoom F4

    Black Friday Deal: The Zoom F4 is $499: https://www.amazon.com/Zoom-F4-Multitrack-Field-Recorder/dp/B01KZHQWY0 Damn, what a bargain! I spent more than that, but don't regret a single penny of it.
  12. Netflix teaser "Dark" first German production

    We had a fantastic screening in Berlin‘s „Zoo-Palast“ on Monday. Over 1000 people watching the first 3 episodes on the big screen. It looked and sounded great and most important was anything but typical German telly. All in German which is great since it keeps our production sound in play. Give it a shot and hope you like it too!! https://nyti.ms/2hZZuVM
  13. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Hi, And I have a couple of different L-com amps, the L com Omni antenna and the L-com very directional antenna. Martin
  14. Cantar Mini feature rundown at CineGear 2017

    Now 30% off Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Bag Cart

    Hi KG sorry to hear of your accident. I did post pictures of my ZUCA inspired cart which I suggest is much lighter, the handle sits down and for compactness , say air travel, the wheels and axle come apart and would go inside the "bag" I can walk into a job with 664 on my shoulder and cart in one hand Good luck for the future mike
  16. Nagra repairs

    Yep from my memory the the 4.2 phonic wheel was on the same shaft so no balancing issues. Sound like to are well prepared to take a big breath and do it, and you'll feel good too! Cheers mike
  17. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    All this talk of range problems, Antenna's and Mods etc really only confirms that I made the right choice with the R1a's. For Timecode I use Tentacle Boxes. My IFB Kit works hard and often and I am very happy to say that I never have range issues, failures or complaints. Yes the entry price is high and yes the battery life is not as good as Comtek, but you normally get what you pay for and if you change batteries at lunch time you will be fine. One thing to note is that choice of headphones is important as the R1a's prefer higher impedance for optimum sound. I use the Williams Sound HED 021's which are 32 Ohms. My IFB Kit consists of: 1x Lectrosonics UM400a Transmitter 3x Input Leads 14x Lectrosonics R1a Receivers 14x Williams Sound HED 021 Headphones This all fits into 1x 1520 Pelican Case with TrekPak Insert. Cheers, Steve
  18. On My Radio

  19. 4018c or a second 641

    I use the 4011C when I need a little mic. It’s great. I bought it for low ceilings at close proximity to actor, with beams making it necessary to have the middle pattern. Makes a great plant too.
  20. Cheers All, Nice to read your helpful and positive posts - very uplifting :-) Thanks kindly for the video link too. Wishing you great progress in your audio businesses as well. All the best, Dave
  21. Here’s that: All I know: Be very selective about work offers from people you don’t know. Word of mouth gets a lot of work, so having a good attitude on-set is as important as the recordings. As this forum and other mixers have taught me, always defend your rate from clients who try to lower it to where it’s completely unsustainable for your career and living. Price your kit rate based on what the rental houses and other mixers in your market are charging. I’m in the same beginning stages as you, and I’m slowly learning it takes a lot of patience in addition to good work ethic to survive. We’ll get there!
  22. There is a great interview here posted by Dave Fisk with Whit Norris. Whit gives some excellent advice on how to break into the industry. One thing that helps is being a reasonable distance from work. I’ll let you watch the interview for the goodies but it will take some sacrifice but that doesn’t mean you can’t make any money.
  23. Hi Gentlemen, Thanks for your helpful responses. You have confirmed what I had a feeling about. I did my due diligence and called Trew Audio regarding a one day rental of a similar kit and with taxes and insurance it was in the $200-ish (Canadian $) range. The request for a CMIT and 3 wireless rigs was definitely pushing it. So minus off the $200 kit fee, if they rented the gear directly, I guess that leaves a whopping $50 for the whole day's labour - not a winning proposition. On a more positive, proactive note, can you suggest any business models or strategies that help newer sound people build toward the tier where the rate is reasonable and fair for all? I certainly don't have a problem paying my dues, but the economics do need to make sense, as does the maintaining of an industry fee standard. I appreciate any tips as I know this can be a delicate subject. Thanks once again. Best Regards, Dave
  24. 4018c or a second 641

    I love the 6 41, but only when close up and or when I am in a low clearance area and I need the swivel... otherwise i am on a CS3e .... I prefer the MKH 50 when in close... That mic really sounds nice too... But, the 6-41 seems to age... Not sure it sounds like it used to... Had it for years.. Keeping all your mics from one manufacturer doesn't do much... Better to have more tools that provide more options..unless you are using two booms at the same time where the same two mics may be helpful.. Have not used the DPA...
  25. 4018c or a second 641

    Get both. :).
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