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  2. Multi Tasking !!!

    Contacted by an Australian company today. Simple job then: Could you pick me up from the airport and drive to location, then Are you open to been an extra team member on the day separate to the sound? i.e. Suggestions of another camera angle, hold a drone battery etc. Guess they call it up-skilling! mike
  3. How did they capture this audio? [BBC 1979]

    Mine too. Solid sounding stuff and better than USA wireless gear at the time.
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  5. Which Lemo Power Plug for Timecode Buddy Wave

    Ask the supplier or manufacturer mike
  6. How did they capture this audio? [BBC 1979]

    I was using Audio Ltd radio mike in 1967 and later bought 3 By 1969 TRAM personal mikes had been introduced by Ted Rapp and I feel that these were used on David Attenborough documentaries amazing us all how good the sound was even in wide shots. So in 1979 a UHF Audio Ltd radio mike plus a TRAM is my guess! mike
  7. Yes but only if the production manager accepts your price! mike
  8. New Sound Devices Products

    Me too. For a second...
  9. Putting TRX LT3 into Record mode

    you're welcome. glad you're all sorted.
  10. New Sound Devices Products

    Oh my, with that topic heading you got me excited for a second... sorry, can‘t help you with your issue.
  11. Putting TRX LT3 into Record mode

    Well I now have my setup the way I want it. All my transmitters boot up in 'Record' and stay that way irrespective of what mode the Nomad is in. I have switched off Transport Commands on the Nomad and the IFB100. This only applies to Deva Trigger through the IFB100, as I can still control the transmitters using the menu buttons on the IFB100 to put them into RECORD, STOP and PLAY. Interestingly the 992 has an additional function - ALLOW IFB REMOTE CONTROL: ON/OFF. With this function switched to OFF the IFB100 has no effect on the 992. Thanks for your responses!
  12. I'm glad to see they still bring top dollar, I guess I got a good deal on mine.
  13. Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    There has to be some small 1-chip audio ampli you could trick together to up the MP6 output gain....esp if it is for moni and ref tracks mostly.
  14. Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    Maybe SD thought it was just a good investment... A way to expand the footprint a good product in the USA. There is obviously enough interest and ownership domestically for them to justify a US based service center... Which is a good thing for those users. I don't know Audio Ltd service reputation but i know SD and have always been taken care of.. If they apply that service model here it will be good. We always say competition is a healthy thing for our industry. These kinds of moves might light an innovative fire with some of the other manufacturers... Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  15. Schoeps CMR vs. DPA MMP-G

    It's about a 5dB difference in dynamic range. Do you often push the limits of dynamic range?
  16. Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    It is the same on the IFB200 and the TRXCL. You can adjust the trim pots on the back for max level. If you are not feeding the IFB200 balanced you should connect pins 3 and 5 to 1 on the ta5 input .
  17. Show me your bag

    So, you have that bread, actually, David. Hehe
  18. Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    Is the input audio on the IFB200 different than the CL? I can barely get the MP series to register usable audio on the CL. When I send tone from my MP3, I barely get a blip on the CL screen... am I missing something as far as bumping up the level?
  19. Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    Banks here has been failed before the "speculation" has been driven the people to wait in ATM's. Wrong example, but I understand what you mean.
  20. Schoeps CMR vs. DPA MMP-G

    well... on the Schoeps site is the following written: Sensitivity ca. 0.6 times the value as measured with a standard CMC microphone amplifier. For example with the MK 4 cardioid, the sensitivity is about 8 mV/Pa, the maximum sound pressure is 130 dB SPL and the equivalent input noise is 29 dB CCIR or 18 dB A-weighted. ....and here are the normal values from a MK 4 capsule: Frequency range 40 Hz - 20 kHz Sensitivity 13 mV/Pa Equivalent noise level (A-weighted) 15 dB-A Equivalent noise level (CCIR) 24 dB Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted) 79 dB-A Maximum sound pressure level at 0.5% THD 132 dB-SPL Length 22 mm Diameter 20 mm So my question now is, how this value changes have impact in real live location recording. Since I want to buy such a solution, maybe it is better to go for a DPA, which are electret mic's and are better suited for low voltage? I use Lectrosonics transmitters, by the way.
  21. Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    Zaxcom or not (in the Uk). I think companies like SD, Sennheiser, Sony etc try to develop prosumer lines from their investments in their R&D when they can (why wouldn't they if they can finance it?). Sennheiser didn't stop making good condenser microphones when they started making cheap camera mics. I'm guessing being able to secure the investment to produce higher volume prosumer stuff probably helps them invest more in the professional side as well, especially in the era of disruptive technologies. There are similar things going on with sound kit that have been going on with camera kit for while. Pretty smart of SD to get a hold of those markets shooting on 5d/A7s/GH5 etc. Maybe the MixPre 3/6/10 success helped SD acquire Audio Ltd. This in turn might allow them to push on with expanding the A10 product range (mini TX etc).
  22. Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    I'm sure you're right. Rental houses in UK don't seem to carry many zaxcom recorders, but that's not the entire market.
  23. Schoeps CMR vs. DPA MMP-G

    The CMR uses the standard Colette capsules which are not electret -- they're externally polarized.
  24. Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    Daniel, It has been my experience, when working with British crews, they know Zaxcom backwards and forwards, which was a surprise to me. And I mean as compared to American crews. Apparently Zaxcom is quite popular in the UK. Sincerely, Martin
  25. Show me your bag

    Just got myself a new bag to fill up! An ORCA OR-30
  26. Nagra III sighting! While watching a new Beatles doc on Netflix you can see Paul giving the thumbs up for tape loops with a nagra for "Tomorrow Never Knows"; early "Revolver" sessions. Heres a pic:
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