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  2. manuelchk

    Schoeps mini CMIT

    So... I’m buying the Schoeps mini CMIT with the Cinela Pianissimo. My question is: is there any reason to buy the CMIT 5U instead? Filters are not needed with the cinela, the reach is the same, the mini is lighter, the cinela smaller... Same sound quality... Just checking with you guys your experience. thanks!
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  4. Mobilemike

    Sound Devices MixPre-3 vs Zoom F4

    I have done tests with the MixPre where I pulled out the power supply in the middle of recording a file. The file survived just fine. -Mike
  5. thanks, it's the red way to release cameras when not everything is working (like the audio board), good to see Panavision is keeping up that fine tradition.
  6. mark kirchner

    DIY sma antenna

    Roubi, I have made antennas from nitinol nickel-titanium wire, but decided to use small diameter multi-strand cable instead. I understand that you are making antennas for receivers, not transmitters at this point. When I made nickel-titanium antennas, I would file a series of small notches in the terminal end of the wire. The notches would be covered by the SMA pin after soldering, but would add a mechanical bound inside the soldered connection. The colored caps are sold at B&H in New York, made by Lectrosonics I think.
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  8. EnotsMedia

    bluetooth sound box

    Just picked up a DemerBox! They have some deals on “scratch and dent” models...I mean it’s a Pelican...how “scratch and dent” could it be...hit them up!
  9. roubi

    DIY sma antenna

    Merci beaucoup Larry, I'll sleep better not feeling the urgent need to remake all of them... Impressive Mark, I haven't been as far as you! I am using the antennas only on receivers (I am using UWP-D11 modified to SMA) but also quickly tried them with Lectro SRB (even at the wrong length, they work very well). What wire are you using ? And where do you find those small caps ? Thanks Roubi (Grégoire de Courtivron)
  10. ShubiSnax

    50% EU import duties on US recording equipment !!

    This guy gets it.
  11. Richard Ragon

    how to solve this, lavalier noises.

    Bingo... Everyone, it looking for some kind of shortcut to experience.. Surprise, there is NO shortcut to experience.
  12. Richard Ragon

    Sound is no longer respected on set?

    For a second I bought this one... then, I went.. Heeeyyy.. I know this one.. LOL
  13. mark kirchner

    DIY sma antenna

    Roubi, Here are some of the antennas I make. One of the tests I do is to put the SMA connector into a vice and then I lock vice grip pliers on the antenna wire. I then try to rip the antenna wire out off the SMA. Lectrosonics antennas are super strong. I pulled a Remote Audio antenna wire out, but it was difficult. Mine are 3rd place so far. You might think it is crazy to put a $40.00 antenna in a vice and then try to destroy it, but I wanted to know. I also did not want "talent" pulling an antenna out.
  14. Christian Spaeth

    bluetooth sound box

    JBL Go
  15. lestevennok

    Wireless Frequencies France

    Hi, Here are the frequencies that you can use in France without any authorization (lower than 50mW): 174/233 MHz 470/694 Mhz (to share with TNT, digital terrestrial television) 823/832 MHz 1785/1805 And wifi ba'd You can use the website http://www.scanzone.fr/ to find out which frequencies is available depending on where are you in France.
  16. Daniel Ignacio

    bluetooth sound box

    Wirecutter has researched hundreds of reasonably-priced portable Bluetooth speakers. But I don’t think anything is going to top the DemerBox for production use, that thing is impressive.
  17. LarryF

    DIY sma antenna

    Go with what you've used. Next to a body, most of this stuff is out the window anyway. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  18. Guys, this won´t be final! The EU and US will negotiate further... just think of the 10% duties Germany has on US cars forever... We are now witnessing the foreplay of things to come...
  19. borjam

    Sound Devices MixPre-3 vs Zoom F4

    I wonder about the invisible, under the hood fine details. Like, has anyone made an evil test like simulating a dying battery using a laboratory power supply? I bet Sound Devices are world class experts on data surviving such an event.
  20. This can be very bad for Sound Devices. If the prices of the MixPres go up it's open season for Zoom.
  21. *knock knock - Who's there? - Your three friends - Who? - Aaton, Sonosax and Wisycom This is no bueno situation.
  22. Trey LaCroix

    DXL2 - any user reviews?

    I worked with one a few months ago. It had xlr audio inputs, but the camera we had was a beta version and had no functional audio circuitry. That was a fun surprise... And a 5 pin lemo TC input. I kept a tentacle on it at all times and never heard from post about TC being off. Fan was pretty quiet. Not Alexa quiet, but better than I expected considering it had a RED sensor.
  23. roubi

    DIY sma antenna

    Thanks for the quick answer. Practically speaking,would going from a 0.6mm diameter to 1mm change a lot ? I kind of feel lazy thinking about redoing all my antennas... I indeed noticed the size of the antenna on the SNA600.
  24. LarryF

    DIY sma antenna

    Hi Roubi, The fatter the wire, the wider the bandwidth of the quarter wave vertical up to about a 5% thickness of the length. For a 6" antenna that would be 0.3" thick wire (!) which is not practical at all. As a rule, use as fat a wire as is practical considering it has to bend without breaking the SMA pin or hurting the talent. So pick something that is tough and flexible and go from there. I would pick comfort over small bandwidth improvements but also, there is no reason to use hair thin wire. As a fat example, note the width of the arms on the Lectro SNA dipole antenna; those widths were chosen for the best bandwidth improvement possible. Anything wider than that had negligible improvement. That width is totally impractical for a transmitter whip. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  25. Jay Rose

    Adding waterproof pot to system

    I'd start with ~20k audio taper. Input jack goes across the resistance; wiper feeds the amp. That's assuming an unbalanced, consumer-style input. But 10k would probably also work. If this is a stereo setup, you might have a very hard time finding a dual-gang waterproof pot. Uh... is the minijack input waterproof? There are such things, but they're expensive. And they require a snap cover, to keep water from flowing in when there's no plug. In this case, are you looking for truly waterproof? Or is it a question of weighing the expense of a bit more protection vs the cost of just keeping a spare speaker handy?
  26. roubi

    DIY sma antenna

    I bought this one : https://www.ebay.fr/itm/0-6mm-Nitinol-Super-Elastic-Wire-1-Metre-1000mm-TiNi-Nickel-Titanium/222489144482?_trkparms=aid%3D444000%26algo%3DSOI.DEFAULT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20170221122447%26meid%3Dfd961ddb189442f6992c7f1f5d4f9a92%26pid%3D100752%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D3%26sd%3D222504917851%26itm%3D222489144482&_trksid=p2047675.c100752.m1982 But it looks more or less the same. Thank you for the pdf. And thank you for the compliment ; coming from you, it means a lot ! But here is a question : how the diameter of the antenna affects the signal ? Here, I am using a 0.6mm cable but would a 1mm or 1.5mm add anything ? Thanks
  27. LarryF

    DIY sma antenna

    Roubi posted a nice video about making an 1/4 wave SMA antenna. The real world lengths (wavelength/frequency) are not always mathematically correct since the transmitter or receiver case is not an infinite ground plane. Below is the data sheet with a PDF that comes with one of our antenna kits with the lengths that we found ideal on a network analyzer for our metal transmitters. Just make sure the 6" reference line measures 6" (15.24 cm) when you print it out. If not, tweak your print zoom plus or minus to get a 6" length on the page. You can find other antenna kits on the site for BNC's ,etc. https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/Products/product/367-amm-kit.html#data-sheet Best Regards, Larry Fisher
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