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  2. Sound said: "Still I don’t get why it’s possible to send the signal of a single transmitter to three receivers but it’s not possible to pair say four transmitters to a stereo receiver and switch channels just for monitoring. " I'm not well read up on the IEEE 802 standard (wifi), but from what I read I'm guessing this is a limitation of the wifi standard.
  3. I hope that Sennheiser and Sony will implement internal recording in their low cost UHF transmitters soon.
  4. Well, no, but UHF is a whole different ball game. The reason 2.4G is so popular with the lower cost systems is that the manufacturers buy chipsets that do all the wifi stuff for them. All the complexities (and it is really complex) of wifi transmission is figured out by vendors that specialize in making chips for the wifi standard. So you buy a chip, connect an antenna to it, send data to it and the chip works out all the complexities. Wifi is a standard that is run by billions of devices. Easy peasy to make a product for wifi, Well, relatively so compared to UHF. UHF wireless audio works in the same spectrum as television channels and in the US, also in a space reserved for wireless microphones. So the UHF wireless has to abide by the FCC rules for this space, which don't allow for the things that wifi does and visa versa. They run under completely different rules. Designing for UHF gets a bit more complex in that the designer has to do most of the work themselves. There isn't a 'billions of devices' market and so chipsets that do all the work don't exist. Guys like Larry and Glenn have to be RF geniuses that understand how to design RF. Unlike wifi, they don't just buy a chip and away they go. Zaxcom and Lectrosonics have these guys with brains the size of Texas who work all this stuff out themselves. And they aren't stuck with a standard (wifi) that was meant for computer data transmission, not audio transmission. So it is an adaptation that has to fit within a standard that was designed for something else. UHF systems can be optimized for audio whereas wifi systems have to work within the framework of a computing standard. UHF has always been for video and audio transmission.
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  6. Ok, that’s exactly what I thought would happen! And again this could be a solution. I guess they are made to record internally and use the receiver just for monitoring. This works as long as there is no problem with the sd card. If so the record symbols shows up on the duo rx when you start recording but than vanishes after a short time, even when there is no sd card inside which makes you believe you are recording. Or if they just made the main buttons on the duo rx make you put recorders to sleep that you don’t want to monitor currently instead of stopping recording you could stop them from interfering.
  7. Hey! I am also extremely interested! I could maybe do it myself, but I lack the experience and would probably take ages to do it properly. Thanks Alex Edit: Also those faders! If they are 3D Printed I'd be also interested. I'm in love with your setup
  8. I would have considered it for backup recorder, hops and scratch track on small jobs, but dont think I will replace my Tentacles and G3 for that purpose anytime soon. Maybe as a TC stamped backup recorder, the EIN figure doesnt seem too great, but better than nothing.
  9. 'That section of the video was confusing. I didn’t understand if the stamped TC on the files actually matched the audio recorder’s tc. To me it seemed like he was comparing the displays in the different devices only. But I sort of half watched it at that point, so I could’ve easily missed something.' +1. The point about using photos to compare TC displays is kind of valid and overall it's a thorough review (i FF the walk tests:) but a more real world use would be to Jam both devices to the same reference (eg the recorder), use the displays to confirm source and stick the BP-TRX on the cameras (and if you're working with a single camera with an audio I/P use the spare box to send a scratch track). I would not be surprised if there were drift in the compared files but he didn't seem to test this. There are also few TC devices which dont have a numeric display at all unless you are using an app.
  10. "like wireless TC." TC is not wireless on these devices - as in you need a cable to jam to a reference.
  11. On the other hand, if you’re a professional sound mixer looking for a wireless system, you probably wouldn’t consider a 2,4ghz system just simply because it’s 2,4ghz. The marketing is just unclear. he makes a point that it states it is a professional system, and it is, if you count amount of features only and build quality, and also if you compare it to other products in the same segment, it’s MORE professional in that regard. But no professional mixer would buy into a 2,4ghz system hoping they would replace their current systems. Maybe someone would consider buying it for ONE of the features, like wireless TC. That section of the video was confusing. I didn’t understand if the stamped TC on the files actually matched the audio recorder’s tc. To me it seemed like he was comparing the displays in the different devices only. But I sort of half watched it at that point, so I could’ve easily missed something.
  12. one of my 4.2's was running about 20ips , irrespective of speed switch. no , it was not in f fwd.fault traced to poor gold split connections to the speed control board at rear.. unsrew the 2 screws securing the 2 green plugs and gently, with a jewellers screwdriver, prise each split gold pin , slightly wider, to ensure a better tight fit. this cured the problem.
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  14. Good question. I’ve ruined a few by using the wrong size hex. Never figured it out.
  15. Dig the green. That’s what I wanted, but the yellow was dirt cheap on Amazon, as it was actually fitted with a custom foam cut-out for a Ronin, and I’m guessing a poor seller, since it was way cheaper than an empty case. Also, I’m probably gonna “borrow” your idea of Velcro in the lid to hang Tentacles while they’re charging.
  16. After watching this I don't know how anyone could seriously consider this system. It's cool that it does all these things but if you're walking on eggshells with it all day worried about dropouts, what's the point.
  17. That Lemo crimp tool is like $600AUD. Does anyone know what diameter the crimp hex should be so that I can find a third party one?
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  19. Yeah the battery door sucks on these. The way they put the label sticker on NiMH AAs means that with this unit you don’t get a reliable electrical connection. They really need spring contacts. stick to alkaline or lithium for Betso boxes.
  20. Here's my charging case. I originally tried running everything off of a single 24v power supply, but the DC powered USB charger that claimed to handle 24v, didn't, and it let the magic smoke out. So, attempt two uses an AC powered USB charger, a small power strip and the 24v supply that came with the audio root charger which live under an aluminum plate that sits on the panel lip of the nanuk 910 case. Right now the panel is held on by gravity, but I can easily drill a couple holes and screw it down if needed. A neutrik powercon connector is on order as well as a short right angle IEC cable to make it a little cleaner. It's all pretty compact, but there's still some room to grow.
  21. What batteries are you using, NiMH? I've found that the Betso door is extremely picky with those for some reason. Try some alkalines or lithiums and see if that makes a difference.
  22. I have several new Comtek pouches for sale if you're interested. email me at stacy@stacysound.com
  23. Hi. I have a Mixpre-10 and two Lectrosonic Dual SR. Did you finaly did a dashboard for the mixpre. I'm very interested.
  24. eeh, never owned a sound cart, but my friend has a HUGE one, and he has all kind of 19" drawers. (I had heavy drawer plates in my rack for easy access to beta / digibeta, could handle up to 60 kg or so, bit overpowered, but probably lighter ones can be had / made. Or buy 'off the shelf' drawer profiles that extend enough, and get a piece of thin plywood. Won't break the bank: https://www.meubelbeslagcenter.nl/ladegeleiders/standaard-ladegeleiders-20kg/
  25. Off the topic. Where to buy those better quality foam for dpa 4098, like those in the pictures above. Then foam that come with the mic are not very good. Thanks!!!!
  26. Looking for help with a Betso SBox-1, which I bought second hand. I press the buttons to turn it on, and the "turning on" info comes on, but then it stops. After that, I cannot interact with the buttons at all, unless I take out the batteries, and put it back in, where I can only turn it on before it turns off again. Does anyone have a Betso SBox-1 that has encountered this issue, and knows how to fix it?
  27. I was also going to suggest percussion trays. Some are well made... Here's what Sweetwater, a good US online dealer of musical equipment has: https://www.sweetwater.com/c1147--Percussion_Stands_and_Mounts
  28. Huh, the heading on the landing page says BACK TO SCHOOL. Universal Tactical MOLLE Holster Army Mobile Phone Belt Pouch I suppose you might need Army Tactical stuff if you go to school in Chicago or New York. I have relatives in Chicago. Anyway, nice looking pouch, Boomboom.
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