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  2. +40dBu is for XLR inputs set to line level. ta3 inputs don't have the analog limiter xlr inputs do.
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  4. When I get to location I try to always get the mics up on the booms asap and continue setting up the rest of the gear, cameras and such. By the time all is said and done, I plug in the the battery for the boom TX’s and everything is acclimated. It normally doesnt take too long unless theres a huge temperature change in which case lenses need to acclimate too....
  5. According to specs, the 633 can handle maximum input peaks of +40dBu in line level mode, which should be more than sufficient. If that ain't enough, something's not set right. If your just looking for something to build for fun, that's another story.
  6. thank you, you are referring to this http://realoldiesradio.com/?p=212 , however I am searching for a circuit that will attenuate the signal once it reaches a certain voltage, depending on which diodes are used. https://www.quora.com/How-do-protection-diodes-work I using the 633 with a 3 channel preamp made by vark audio.
  7. I think from within the EU you will find the turn-around with Schoeps to be much quicker, simply because the shipping is quicker and easier. They have improved their service times substantially. Earlier this year they repaired my SuperCMIT. From the day they received it to the day they told me it was ready, they needed 8 days. So including shipping the mic was gone for less than 2 weeks. And they offered a loaner in the meantime...
  8. Sorry for the late response. My mic is plugged in to a zoom F8 48V phantom power. It was only when filming in the moist conditions back at home after an hour of leaving the mic on the table the mic worked perfectly again without problem. with the same phantom power and recording settings. After you take it out of the dry tube do you directly plug it in or let it sit for a while in the moist conditions? Very useful information vin! I will be sending my schleps teethe factory either way of what happens on this forum. but this is all very useful information for me to learn about mics since I'm just a 19 year old beginner. Screws are all solid on the mic and nothing is moving around. still a useful tip and thanks for telling me! Thanks for all the responses! im new to this forum and still learning a lot abut sound everyday. im 19 year old and from the Netherlands and signing up to this forum has been a lot of help. thanks for all he support and its nice to have professionals responding to my problems. I tested the mic after the day of recording and it had no troubles and worked perfectly. so sadly it was not the power. the zoom f8 hasn't got the greatest preamps so that's the next thing i will be upgrading.
  9. maybe you can find something appropriate at minicircuits...
  10. Inspired by Jonathan Lalouz, I decided to try out the Condor bags for a smaller setup. Here you can see the 633, with a Soundbags Dashboard, two SRs, and an AudioRoot distro. In the pocket to the left is my Comtek Tx, in the pocket to the right is a G3 that I’m temporarily using as a hop, and in the front pouch is my eSmart battery. There really isn’t a lot of room for anything else. I had to have all my cables custom made for low profile harnesses. I really like this setup, and it does what it needs to for about 80-90% of my bag work. I have an V2 Dashboard, I understand that the V3’s are lighter than these. This setup puts the weight in one place as opposed to dispersing it throughout a larger bag, so it feels heavier when lifted by hand, but can easily be worn with just a strap without killing your shoulders/back. It is also so compact that it can fit into just about any kind of standard sized case. As nice and small as this is, I like what @RadoStefanov is doing with the same bag for his Nova OneUnit.
  11. I bought silicone cases for them, but that doesn’t do much for weather protection - just helps protect the boxes from scratches and dings. The ACs on the show rainproof the camera rigs when required so that keeps the sync boxes dry.
  12. What's the Sony unit Mike?
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  14. I used a Sonotrim mike under clothing Once in the air the presenter used a selfie stick and a GoPro to do pieces of the commercial to camera. He then stopped talking to enjoy the "flight" and I got a wonderful altitude track. I eventually un-rigged him in the car park below mike Me jump!!! Xugger that! Radio mike range was pretty good as the guy was in clear air But the pieces to camera , out of radio range were captured on the recorder Now days I would use a Sony Recorder to flash drive. Small inexpensive and 24K 64 bit This unit has been round the world on low cost commercials without budget for me. I have wired a Sonotrim to plug into it and it is spotless! mike
  15. That’s what I thought we were going to be using. The person that hired me was not in the least bit technical, so I showed up and the AC gave me the rundown after expecting that I had been informed on what we were using and the workflow. The DP had a couple of first gen Tentacles that wouldn’t sync properly, and these cameras had a hard time reading their TC. I use the new Denecke JB-1’s but didn’t have the right cables because nobody has ever asked me to run TC into a DSLR. But we used the DPs tentacle cables and everything worked flawlessly after that.
  16. Are there any samples of audio recorded on the nova available online? Something that has been through post production would be cool to hear as well.
  17. I'd say that my clients that have bought into the Black Magic mini camera deal are not going back unless they want to shoot biggo 8k stuff like Monstro or Venice. So I've gotten used to the BM multirigs.
  18. Digital limiters do not limit the analog input stage. What mic pre amp and what recorder are you using? Connectors? Balanced, unbalanced? You can buy or make some attenuation pads. Just five resisters in an balanced audio H-pad and less for an L-pad. They can easily fit inside an XLR or 1/4" plug. Tight fit for a TA-3, but it's been done.
  19. I just did a shoot with probably one of the most ridiculous setups I’ve ever seen. We had three pocket cameras, and they wanted TC in on the audio jack because they can read it as LTC (which is a pretty cool feature), but seriously, at what point do we just go back to using ENG cameras?
  20. Hello, Can anyone suggest a circuit for a passive limiter, using diodes and resistors. I would like to know if it is possible to suppress audio signal peaks higher than +18dbu. (6.16v?). I am using a mic preamp, with line level out, into a recorder and constantly get digital distortion when there are fast transients like hand claps or even laughter. The recorder has a digital limiter but it does not help. There is a product available in the form of an xlr barrel, but I would like to know if it is a circuit I can put in a small box with ta3f in and out, or something I can add to the preamp out, internally. Thanks, Rodrigo
  21. Well sorry, don't mistake me for a sound guy, I don't know this gear. (I'm in post / development.)
  22. Want to share observations on an inexpensive passband filter. Working on another version of my Cantar Mini bag and want to integrate all of the wireless to just two antennas. I would also like to have passband filtering which most of the commercial offering lack. So bought one of the Chinese passband filters to see how it looked. On the spectrum analyzer, it is wider than the printed label. At 8db down as shown on the analyzer the upper end is around 658mHz and the lower end is around 505mhz. The measured insertion loss is about 2.5db. Not as narrow as I had hoped. Still a lot of the T mobile spectrum could slip by. Probably would help with on set walkie-talkies in the 450-490mHz range. So for about 40usd not bad.
  23. Am I able to use a RF Venue Diversity fin with the nova? Will I still need to used a PSC SMA Multi Splitter or something similar?
  24. Perhaps a good idea could a mono and full range system in the future then. OTOH a system topping out around 12k or whatever might actually be beneficial for an ifb system What do you mean by „seems late“? Either it is late or it isn’t. And late for what? Considering there aren’t many digital ifb systems on the market today, you could also say it’s right on time. Which specs would you like to be higher?
  25. I don't see any change happening simply because for dialog recording, 24/48 can already capture the full range of human hearing with enough resolution that quantization errors when editing (usually done in a 32 bit environment anyway) are inconsequential. Sound effects recording is an entirely different matter though. However, the reasons we settled on 24/48 years ago, namely storage capacity and CPU strain, are non-issues these days. So at some point, we may switch to 32/96 as the standard because we can, but probably not for at least five years.
  26. Not for bag, I have nice results with high directional antennas such as the 2.4 CP Beam from RF Venue
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