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  2. WTF?? Are you guys shoving your lavs up your ass and then trying to put them on actors? Just put them on normally or give them to the wardrobe person to help. Are you thinking in the future that no one can be near anyone when you make films? Love scenes are going to be weird to shoot.
  3. Thanks for the reply, Nate. Yes they are cat like. Can curl into a small space or stretch out to push you off the bed. There is a neat lady in Sydney, that maintains a FB page called "Fans of Alice in Wooferland &Xanthie" Her hounds speak to the world in Greylisch. Definitely fun if you have a hound. Also check out Richard Skipworth in the UK. https://www.richskipworth.co.uk/ He is an illustrator that has Greyhounds and has produced several books all Greyhound owners need on their bookshelf. Here is a shot of our boy upside down and our little girl who thinks we humans are for her pleasure. David
  4. I think it's easy to see things from one's own perspective, but just a few things, when thinking about the whole process: - If anything MU is probably more iffy than us. I mean they have to physically touch people's faces and even get in their eye lids, lips etc. - Scenes involving more than one actor/talent interacting with each other, touching, hugging, kissing, fighting, sitting next to each other in a car, couch whatever... - A lot of times a set is packed with talent, crew, directors, video village with clients in close proximity around monitors. Not exactly "social distancing". - Crafty, catering, and associated tables. - G&E constantly touching and moving things. - Camera crew interacting, touching lenses etc. Man I hope they find a cure and vaccine, so things will return to "normal" sooner than later.
  5. It would be a silver lining if we were allowed to clip the mic outside for doc and reality. Never understood what all the fuss was about with it visible anyway.
  6. Ah! I remember those. My brother (a former sound guy) used to have a pair of A7's in his living room for his stereo speakers.
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  8. The need for lavs on docs, esp modern run+gun fly-on-the-wall types (and reality TV) hasn't changed, and when the world returns to itself it will be just as noisy as it was. Maybe to avoid diving into the subject's clothes to string a lav mic to a TX we'll have to accept something like "Instamic" that easily clips on the outside (visible) and records itself, for this kind of shoot?
  9. Maybe all those folks could work from home! In the old days, the big Emperor-Directors only allowed a few non-crew people on the set, and they had to communicate with the director via the producer. Kept traffic to a minimum. Old stages had lots of people on them, but they knew how to be quiet when the rolling bell rang, and didn't continue working during shots.
  10. I recently did a doc where we rolled all the time unless we were traveling. I hit record every time we went to a new setup in order to create some kind of marker and the editor said it worked "fine" and "not to difficult." High praise from an editor!
  11. Where else will everyone sit to use their phones while pretending to actually watch the monitor, especially with agency shoots? /s
  12. Philip, One thing on stages I'd love to see are 1. Reduce the number of Video Villages on Stage... My last 4 shows, it's out of control. We had 4 on my last show. Or Move at least 1 of them outside.. This can get producers and the vanities off the main stage.. 2. Reduce the amount of crew ON STAGE, All the grip and electric crap that they never use can be staged outside.. But, the reality of shooting in a sub-tropical area like Louisiana will not allow this to happen.. But all those Cooling tents won't be as popular!!
  13. Perhaps there will be more reliance on vfx wire-removal tools to remove boom mics. Even at my low-end of the game, stuff like Mocha Pro is getting increasingly good at removing bigger and more-complex object from moving shots. It was used on a small corporate job I was on last year when the startup pivoted and redesigned their logo and stuff just after the shoot, so post had to remove all the old logos, etc from the footage; I'm told it worked fine. It's much more than a static garbage matte, and it's not just ILM-level tech or soul-crushing roto, though it's also not yet Set It And Forget It. But you don't need a totally clean plate; the tools can (at least sometimes) build a clean plate for you. Yes, this would take some forethought and budgeting from productions, but there you go. Here's a demo from 18-months ago: Also, Saturday Night Live has a nice five-minute example of production during COVID-19. Good HMU advice! 🙂 But on the doc side of things, I don't know what to do. I am deep into a film following some people in really dire straights and really unhealthy situations. Booming is not an option (need to keep as low a profile as possible), and anyway I stopped filming for now because of COVID-19. Not sure when I'll be able to get rolling again. 😞
  14. I think budgets might go down, at least for below-the-line. Otherwise all of the above. I really think there will be a lot more ADR as things steamroller onward. But also...maybe...there will be some directives from high up to try to make sets quieter when rolling? This may be futile, since most current crew etc people are too young to remember when we did that as a matter of course.
  15. 1. Production budgets won't go up. 2. Production Insurance will skyrocket 3. Production schedules will be squeezed. 4. Production's priority for additional help will be Medic's, not additional sound people 5. They won't paint out the boom, they won't hire additional sound people, we are the one department on set that our entire effort can be completely replaced in post. Prior to this we were already getting hammered, the easiest way to fix a problem is to avoid it..
  16. Thinking productions will not even start until a rapid test / vaccine / cure comes about . Even if things start up early I would push for double booming until safety is guaranteed for all.
  17. They'll just roll on with lots of cameras and ADR what they have to. Maybe some actors will have a new para in their contracts that says they can only be touched (wired) by their personal assistant. Somehow I think they won't look at HMU personnel the same way they look at soundies, esp when "difficult" wardrobe is involved.
  18. I really don't see things changing, other than the boom op maybe wearing a mask for a while. We almost always wire everybody. Sometimes for our convenience for when we get screwed with shadows or changes in frame that may not of been part of their original plan... They are already done... many times we run them in the background even when booming... Would I like a return to single camera style of shooting? sure, but that's not going to be the reality... 3 cameras, or 2 shooting wide and tight will again be the norm dictated by time ..
  19. good point, which makes me think fighting for lavs with a semi sterile protocol might be a way to meet in the middle? It was suggested by a colleague what if we hand talent a kit in a freshly used ziplock that has been previously alcohol wiped down etc, including tx and batt, with an instruction sheet? Laughable for sure as i could see this never being realistic but the right sentiment i felt i do LOVE the idea of mixer and 2 boom op’s coming back as the norm
  20. I've done a bunch of DMS and horizontal array recordings with MKH30's, MKH20, and MKH800 Twin. That might be as 'apples to apples' as you can get in terms of sound comparison. Both work well. My only observation is in the processing, there may be a DMS option I haven't found, something beside the Schoeps which is EQ'd for their specific mics. With any of the ambisonics processors, you can rotate the 0º orientation, I don't see that with DMS, and it should be possible. Depending on what you are recording, that may not matter at all.
  21. My last show and once this is over, next show are 3 cameras.. Basically "F-Sound" wides and tights at all times. If actors start to refuse wearing lav's and production feel the only way to make our days is 3 cameras, then being in sound could become extremely miserable not being able to get a mic anywhere near the talent...
  22. Pipe dream but I would totally be OK with having sets be mixer and 2+ boom ops if this were the case. In the perfect world everyone would be boomed anyways!
  23. Because in post it will cheaper to 'paint out' a lav or a boom than it will be 'paint on' hair and make up?
  24. You beat me to it. I’ve been wondering the same thing. As an old guy who never used to wire anybody, it wouldn’t bother me at all to not have to wire every single person all the time. On the flipside of that, make up hair and wardrobe is still going to be in the actors face. Why can’t we?
  25. JAX

    Sonosax M2D2

    Hello, Do not forget to download: https://www.sonosax.ch/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/XMOS-Stereo-USB-Audio-Class2-Driver-30E4_v4.13.0.zip to use the SX-M2D2 with yourPC. Best regards and good health to all sound guys!
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