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    I’m still early in the game and still building my kit, which means I rent gear often. However for short-notice gigs, overnighting rented gear increases my blood pressure two-fold and makes me terribly anxious. So I want to reach out to anyone in southern Michigan or northern Ohio willing to occasionally lend out their gear. I’m looking for current-generation Lectrosonics wireless, Sanken lav mics, Comtek IFBs, and whatever you use as camera hops. If you have comparable gear, I’d still be interested. If you’re able, please do send me a message or email to dan@dignacio.org. Best, Daniel Ignacio
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    Welcome Danny. Just an observation, if you or anyone thinks this is a rude reception or answers to a terrible question, the real world will eat you up and spit out whatever it doesn’t devour of you. Perhaps an introduction of yourself and place in the community and your current job would be a good place to start instead of a overly broad question painted bright green. Best of luck. CrewC
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    First, thank you Jim for the kind words. Second, I’d like to attempt to clarify my earlier statement. I don’t mind you attempting to do production sound and post-production sound. I also don’t mind that post is not the main focus of this group. There are a few posties here and there presence is a benefit to all of us. Heck, there are even a few camera people here whose presence I value. To be sure, I don’t mind you being a newbie and asking questions, even though this forum is aimed at working professionals, I was a newbie once, just like everyone here. I have always (or almost always) offered anwers to and tried to help with newbie questions. What I do mind is that you come here and just ask us to tell you basically everything about our job, to basically teach you our job so you can do yours. There is no hint whatsoever that you have done any of the work yourself - read a book, read more or less every topic in this forum and others, etc. „nah, I can‘t be bothered to, it’s just too much work, just tell me what I need to know and I can get on with it“ is what this reeks of to me. You expect us to do your work for you. In my previous work life I got many emails where people asked me to provide my work to them for free (it was a digital download), because after all, it’s there already, right? It’s typical of the internet age. „You have all this knowledge already, just give it to me“. Sorry you find that condescending. And I may be totally wrong in my judgement of you (I actually hope that I am) and maybe you’re not part of the entitlement generation, but you came across in your first post as if you were
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    Well, with only 8 posts so far I wonder how much interaction you've actually had here. If you've been lurking then you'll know that quite a lot of good info changes hands if the questions are well researched, clear, concise and about motion picture production sound (ie not post or live sound except as they impact production sound). Those of us that have been answering newb (and other) questions here for many years are not sad at all. We're very glad Jeff started this forum. To the OP--feel free to PM me with any production sound question you might have that you don't want to post publicly for any reason.
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    You can absolutely do both jobs and have 2 meals if you want. I was a production sound recordist for many years before I started doing post as well, and found that doing post made me much better at production work. It is really helpful to know what can and what can't be fixed, to what extent and what the compromises involved are. Get your gear together, ask lots of questions and don't be put off by the other guys at the bar here. Movie sound is a field full of highly intelligent very independent people who have lots of opinions. But those opinions are just that--opinions. Someone above suggested the Gearslutz post audio forum, that's a good suggestion for the post side of things, as is the ProTools "DUC", as you probably already know. This forum is the best place I have found for real-world-tested production sound knowledge, don't be intimidated or put off from asking specific production recording questions here because someone didn't take to how you asked. This forum is searchable so try that for specific threads about the production gear you mentioned.
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    Well well well, I seemed to have stumbled into the wrong tavern. Constantin, your son sounds bright for his age, I'm sure he will grow to be a fine young man, despite the condescention I imagine he will have to endure. Maybe your advice would be better received in a parenting forum. Dalton and Jim, thank you for your advice and your welcome, it has been well received. :) In the role I am in, I will be responsible for capturing AND processing the audio, and also creating any background music needed. I understand this is slightly different to the way most of you guys work. I'm really only interested in advice that can help me progress in this regard, not advising me to try different ways of working. Thank you. Dan
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