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    Malcolm Davies was already a legend in UK sound recording circles, when I was 'a boy' (as he would have referred to me) on my way up into the industry some.... well .... 35 years ago. He was ... ubiquitous... omnipresent.... and all over the place. He did loads of work on the Isle of Man (a tiny tax haven island just off the west coast of England), during the 10 or 15 years that there was much film production there on account of tax breaks for productions to shoot there. Malcolm was fantastically generous with his abundant knowledge, which he was genuinely more than happy to share at any opportunity. Malcolm was always interested in the nuts and bolts of sound recording. He had tidy little sidelines going by buying and selling sound blankets, and also making Ursta'esque sound trolleys. Malcolm was one of THE most keen and fired up sound recordists I have ever come across. I am genuinely not sure what his age was when he died last week (ironically he died only a day or two before his birthday), but within the last 6 or 8 months, when I put a shout out on 'the social media' for a second unit recordist and team in Manchester, the first reply was from Malcolm.... 'I'm free' or words to that effect. I bought a few items of kit from Malcolm a couple of years ago. When the package arrived, I opened it to find that Malcolm had included a pile of extra accessory stuff, all totally pertinent to the stuff I had actually paid for, with a note to say 'you might as well have this stuff as it will be no use to me'. The number of fond memories of Malcolm here in the UK (forums etc..) has been extraordinary. He really di touch many, many people's lives. Malcolm went quiet on the UK forums about 6 or 8 months ago. When he resurfaced it turned out he had had (I think it was) quadruple heart bypass surgery. As soon as he was able to do so he was back on the forums here, and we were glad to have him back. His 'Friday stories' of times past, were legendary over here in the UK. He had great and good wit, and was always glad to call out 'production' when they were being asurd. Malcolm was absolutely one of the 'Good Guys'. I am so very sad to be saying goodbye to Malcolm Davies - he was an absolute legend around these parts. Simon Bishop
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    Best Regards, Larry Fisher
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    seems like the geometry is off 😀
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    That would help. I am a Chicago based Sound Technician. Can serve the Midwest Region. Thanks
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    One thing to be aware of selling on these forums or FB groups for soundies: people are very tuned into the actual, current value of items. If you overprice it to try to give yourself negotiating room, you'll get zero traffic. There are really no suckers here. Amongst pros, if you list it for a good price, it will be sold very quickly. If you try to package in accessories that people don't really need to help jack up the price, you'll turn people off. Good luck!
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    Announcing the 5PDR?
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    Senator was always a valuable resource of knowledge and humour. I have the feeling that some people were too defensive that's why they could not handle his presence. I for one miss his presence here! This forum is not the same since he left! Please Senator, come back, or else so many will keep using their antennas and senny's forever 🙂
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    As Phil and others suggest, for Oktavas, it REALLY helps to hear the exact microphone you're going to buy. Or buy from The Sound Room, which in the past (and probably still currently) had a good track record of actually rejecting (and not selling) individual mics with serious flaws. That's where my MK-012s came from, and they seem pretty good for the breed. https://sound-room.com/home For you, living way away from everything, maybe see if a mixer or two will be visiting the Main Workshops in Rockport. Or maybe trek down to Boston and buy lunch for a couple local mixers (there are some good ones in that town). Or head down to NYC and visit Gotham Sound (and perhaps a couple friendly/hungry mixers), and give a bunch of mics a listen. I've rented/demoed mics before buying; good dealers can help arrange that...sometimes the rental fee can be applied towards the purchase price. But you know, I've bought microphones without first hearing them. Based on my experience with other mics, the opinions of people I trust (including many here), and the ability to return a mic if it really isn't working for me, that works. Also, I just do small jobs. Unlike a bunch of people here, I don't own and buy tons of mics. There's no local location-audio dealer here (San Francisco bay area), and I'm dealing with it. For the better mics, there's consistency from unit to unit...also note that for these mics, specialty dealers such at Gotham, Trew, and others offer basically the same prices as the box stores such as B&H, Sweetwater, etc...and the specialty dealers usually offer expertise in our arcane field. (Sorry if this is all obvious).