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  1. Thank you for that, Corbin, and you are so right, it was an incredible experience working on that movie. We had a wonderful crew, hugely talented cast working with the amazing Hal Ashby. Everything was just as you would want it to be on a movie with the time, patience and discipline to get things just right.
  2. Thank you, David Bondelevitch for posting the pictures from our party! I hope everyone had a great time ---- except for missing Eric Toline (founding father of the r.a.m.p.s. party 29 years ago) I think it was the best party we've ever had. I am so grateful for all the help I had in organizing the party this year, Rado Stefanov and Chris Howland really took charge and made everything work so well. Thanks as well to all our volunteers (I'm not sure of all the names) and to Nicole at Gordon Biersch. Of course this year we had official sponsorship from 10 companies --- thank you to Lectrosonics (UN-officially sponsoring for so many years, thank you Larry Fisher), to Zaxcom, K-Tek, Sound Devices, DPA, Cinela, Rycote, Orca, Sound Guys Solutions and our newest company, Viviana. Most all of these companies have played significant roles in my career and the party was a chance to celebrate our sound community and all the great companies that support our work in sound. I would love to hear from our JWSOUND members any constructive ideas for next year ---- I think we did get so many things right this year but I want to make sure next year is even better! If you have any comments or suggestions it would be best to Message me or email to: jw@jwsoundgroup.net
  3. Working on it. They were up for a moment then taken down, a few things needed to be worked out but I believe they will be coming back.
  4. Go ahead and RSVP if you can, if not, we'll still be able to sign you up on the day. We're closing up RSVPs this Friday. As for the question of how many days people generally attend, in the words of our dear friend: "it depends". For many, it is hard to get away for more than a day or possibly two. My routine has always been to drive to Las Vegas early Monday morning, spend time at the exhibits, stay over Monday night and then Tuesday do more show and the r.a.m.p.s/party, then travel back to LA on Wednesday morning.
  5. Congratulations! So pleased for your win! Looking forward to seeing you at NAB.
  6. Not too late --- go ahead and RSVP via Eventbrite: https://tinyurl.com/y68nxguu If for some reason it does not go through, I'll make sure you're in on the day. Glad it looks like you can make it.
  7. Thanks for this --- I had never heard of or heard Courtney Barnet --- I really like the music and the style
  8. I have disabled Tapatalk. I heard back from IPB Support that others have been having problems with Tapatalk and the IPB forums. I will continue to investigate.
  9. I used to read Studio Sound, every issue, and it was wonderful to read through the issue you had linked here --- jam packed with all sorts of digital gear it truly was the beginning of the digital age. I had completely forgotten that the original Deva I was reviewed, I think maybe I was too preoccupied with my efforts to use the Deva in production. The whole idea of a portable file-based recorder for production sound was one of the most significant technological change that was really initiated by production sounds mixers. Most every other major change had always been dictated by post-production. Location file-based recording was really being pushed by only a small handful of production sound mixers.
  10. The video does not play within the post ---- I am working on figuring it out and hopefully it will be re-posted and will play. - JW
  11. Remember if you're going to be at NAB this year and plan to attend our annual party, please RSVP - Party details and RSVP via Eventbrite -
  12. It’s all happening… the 29th annual R.A.M.P.S./JWSOUND Party, April 9th, NAB - Las Vegas RSVP and details click this Eventbrite LINK
  13. Beautiful! Nothing else like it, noting has even come close...
  14. Congratulations, Take Vos! Keep up the good work, wishing you happiness and continued success.
  15. Malcolm was a frequent participant here on JWSOUND having joined in May, 2006. I only heard of his death recently on Facebook and I have no details. I hope that one of our other UK sound mixers could give us some details on his passing. Malcolm was a good guy, he will be missed.
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