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  1. Remoting antennas and mixing log periodics and di-poles (which is what the RF Venue single unit does) is often a really bad idea. To weigh in on this it really depends on the type of diversity the wireless you plan on using utilizes. Most systems either use antenna diversity or receiver diversity, some systems can utilize either one or the other. There have been mixed reports from several people regarding the RF Venue single unit --- everyone agrees it is a really nice tidy package and easy to use, but performance has been less than stellar. There is even more evidence that separating the 2
  2. I have been following a guitarist on YouTube, Gabriella Quevedo, who does wonderful acoustic guitar covers of many of my favorite songs. I always marveled at how perfectly the recordings sound. She is usually in the same location, sitting on a sofa in what appears to be her living room, and I'm thinknig this must be a perfect acoustic environment somehow. Then, just recently, I found out that she records all the music in her home studio setup, multiple microphones, some effects pedals, etc., then she shoots the videos to playback! That explains the pristine sound achieved (even outdoors with a
  3. Final update (for now): I have tweaked one of the themes, now set as default, that displays properly on mobile. The MENU icon (the 4 horizontal lines/box) is visible now which is where you can sign in, sign out, show Activity (Recent posts, Unread posts, etc.) and it all should work. Thanks to all for help is sorting this all out.
  4. Looking at the site on my iPhone (via iOS Safari browser) it initially looks like there is no MENU (usually with mobile you see the 4 horizontal lines/box which is the icon for menu operation). We need this menu, of course, to sign into the site and other things. Well, it's there but it is very faint, sitting to the right of the jwsoundgroup title. I will tryt and work on why this is so light --- with other themes it is white color and quite easy to spot.
  5. I apologize to all, I hadn't even looked into how things look on mobile devices. I will look into this and try and get the mobile access (small screens) to work as well as it can. I think I just forgot that lots of our members access the site on their iPhones, iPads, etc. (but I almost never do --- that's the problem!).
  6. Well, that's weird... and annoying! I have no idea how any of the ad blockers work but it's quite odd that it would see normal posts as ads that need to be blocked. The overall core structure of the site has not changed as far as I know, the only change was the change to a different theme. If you would, Matthias, if you have time you could change the theme you are using (o to the bottom of the footer and look for "Theme" dropdown) --- then with the old theme, see if ad blocker behaves the same. If so, the change may have come from the update I did on the core software that runs this site.
  7. I left the other themes available to members (this was not always the case) as I was updating and re-designing. I really want to stick with Haze and re-fine it as we go along --- I'm fairly sure it will ultimately be the best. I would discourage members from choosing any of the other themes --- actually, I will probably go back to having none of the other themes available to members so that we can all be "on the same page".
  8. There should be displayed a "Unread Content" and "Mark site read" in the header area (to the right, above the ad banner) and also, as you point out, in the footer area. My standard practice is to sign in then click on "Unread Content", then after reading everything, or reading nothing, I click on "Mark site read". You can also fine-tune all of this by going to the "Activity" tab in the header. If all else fails, doing what you're doing works also: clicking on the speech bubble next to the forum section name. UPDATE: I just noticed that with the new design, the "Unread Content" and
  9. Thanks, Doug. I did notice the Facebook icon and site info in the footer is all bunched up --- I will deal with that when I get back into the CSS editor. As far as too much white, you might be riight but I'm not sure what I can do about it. The post container now does hasve a light grey background but the general site background is a bright white.
  10. A week or so ago I updated the core software that runs this site --- everything went smoothly, there have been quite a few changes "under the hood" as they say, performance improvements and stability. Like so many other updates, there were consequences unforeseen --- the long running theme and customizations got corrupted and there were some incompatibilities. What you have been seeing the last few days is the result of cobbling together a theme that works while I have been doing a total redesign of the site. Quite soon I will be changing everyone over to the new theme. Anyone experiencing
  11. I used the Nagra 4.2 on about 40 movies, I had an ATN unit to power it on mains if necessary, but I never had any sort of charger. When using the Nagra on batteries alone, I always used disposable alkaline "D" cells --- this was common practice in the US. When on the cart (which was actually most of the time) I had a cart power supply the provided 18 vdc for the Nagra (would run for several days before I had to charge the cart battery). So, bottom line, I cannot help you in any waty regarding using rechargeable in the Nagra.
  12. Yes, a Nagra 4-STC, large reel lid, sitting on top of a Sela Mixer (probably a later model, modified for 2 output busses).
  13. The Axient system is really good --- the serous drawback to the system for our use is power consumption and no small, bag friendly receivers. Whenever Shure can get the power consumption down and come out with a viable non-rackmount receiver, I think they will really be a contender.
  14. I agree the output of the Sonosax preamp would sound terrific but I have my doubts regarding the Neutrik wireless system. For boom work, first of all, this is a 2 box solution which could prove to be problematic. Then, the wireless transmission is 5 ghz system and I think we are all aware of the difficulties involved in using a wireless link that operates at those frequencies. My vote would be for any of the Zaxcom digital wireless for the booms as well as for the talent.
  15. So sad to read the news today that Chad Boseman has died. He was a wonderful person, a really good actor and such a dedicated hard worker. I did "42", the Jackie Robinson movie with him, he was in just about every scene and every day working with him was a pleasure.
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