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  1. An innovator and original who helped forge what was to become “Rock & Roll”. I treasure my work experience with Mr Penniman on “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”. Cheers to the “ ‘King and Queen’ of Rock&Roll”. Thanks for all you gave us. CrewC
  2. Well said Courtney. I did many commercials with Allen and it was always a pleasure to work with him. Outstanding and provocative conversations were the norm with Allen. One of the best was on a commercial shot out in the desert, the company stayed at the Bun Boy hotel and restaurant for a week and we'd all gather there after work as there was nowhere else to go, and the conversations would wind around and through all things film, Allen holding court, like a jovial professor engaged in a topic he loved. Sad to see another good man gone. RIP Allen. CrewC
  3. Truly one of the greatest has exited the stage but damn he left us with so much. Big fan. RIP John Prine. CrewC
  4. One of my beliefs for many years now is the importance of doing, learning, engaging in, and attempting things away from my sound profession when I’m off work. It’s not that sound for picture or anything doesn’t need continuing education, it most certainly does, but the other aspects of life should never be short changed. I feel everything I’ve done outside my career has made me better at my career and it keeps me balanced. Now that 99% of our careers are in suspended animation, I’d suggest going away from our obsessions about our craft and seek a different way to see the world and our place in it. There is so much to explore and try when we get off the treadmill and pop our bubble of exclusion. At some point this will end, so don’t waste this once in a lifetime of free time to worry away the possibilities that are there for the taking. Above all stay healthy mentally and physically. It take engagement to do so but pays dividends that last your lifetime. Peace and Love. CrewC
  5. Hi Courtney. I too thought of starting this topic because it is affecting all of us and as they say, “misery loves company”, but glad you did because I never would of thought to included the retirement component. One reason I haven’t retired yet is that I do love set life and the challenges presented making media. More so the people I get to work with keeps me hanging on. That said, as someone who has worked the commercial arena for decades, I am use to time off and have developed many ways to spend/waste my time when off. Walking is the best thing I do whenever I’m off work. I’m lucky my town has so many miles of trails to walk on and my dog and I use them for 1.5 hours a day unless it’s raining. A great way to think without thinking about things. I have a nice house that always has maintenance chores to do to keep it nice and I enjoy that in the right proportion, a little bit everyday works for me. I’ve had a vegetable garden for 45 years (mostly chili peppers and tomatoes) and that is rewarding in all manner of ways. It’s fun to share my crops with friends and neighbors. I have a small personal studio over my garage that I play and record music in. I edit video footage I shoot, mostly personal media. Up there I can crawl into the YouTube thicket looking for who knows what (mostly music related) and that can waste endless hours without some degree of discipline. I draw and paint for fun which eats up time at an incredible rate. I shoot some photography too. I help my wife as much as I can when she cooks (she’s very talented in the cuisine scene) but that is usually doing the dishes or running to the store for a forgotten last minute ingredient. What I enjoy the most is my grandkids but sadly that’s on hold (other than FaceTime) for awhile. I love to read and always have a book or two going. The only downside to reading is it can put me to sleep so maybe it’s not a downside if one thinks napping is a good thing. I don’t watch much TV in general, but we do watch a movie or series each evening after dinner. So if this is what retirement is like I’m good with it as I’m never bored, but I do worry about my family and friends who aren’t as fortunate or as well positioned for this new time we are in. Fear is as powerful an agent as any I’ve encountered and easy to succumb to without a fight. Most fear the possible, not the probable and that is a problem to be addressed head on. If you find yourselves overwhelmed with fear you’ll miss the abundance and love life has to offer. We will get through this together with family and friends to help lighten our load. Peace and Love to all. CrewC
  6. old school

    Jay Rose

    It’s being reported our good friend and frequent contributor Jay Rose has passed away. I’m not sure of the details and really they don’t matter. He was an outstanding master of sound for picture and shared his knowledge freely and kindly. My condolences to his family and many friends. CrewC
  7. Practice safety my sisters and brothers. Six years gone but not forgotten. Rest In Peace Sarah Jones. CrewC
  8. I find loop artist fun and some like Tash excellent as well. CrewC
  9. Yeah. I use it for all my personal media projects but I still use PT for the sound as I know it well but Firelight is on my list to do. I'm a Universal Audio guy and have many of their plug ins and I'm looking forward to their in house DAW called LUNA. Free this spring if you own a thunderbolt interface. Worth checking out. CrewC
  10. DiVinnci Resolve is an incredible tool set that is a color correction program used by DIT’s world wide. Within it is a NLE, an FX suite, and Fairlight ( DAW ) all working under one roof and together. As a Photographer/Vidiographer/Whatever it might be worth a look. It’s free. It’s powerful. It has many fans. ProTools has a free version called First that is easy to download and learn. CrewC
  11. Big fan of Jan. I salute you and your decision to head too the third act on your terms. I have no doubt a woman of your intellect and interests will find a smorgasbord of fun and adventure awaits you. Well done. Congrats CrewC
  12. Congratulations to your daughter. Very accomplished feat. Thanks for sharing this with us. CrewC
  13. Congrats to all the nominees and their crews. Well done. CrewC
  14. I bought my first one in 83. the second in 88-89. the third in 90-1. I still like the way mine sound. I use them all the time. One is a bit hissy but I doubt it's the capsule. I'm sure it depends on how they've been used and cared for but mine have served me well. Like JW said, I'd want to hear it first before $$$ is $pent. CrewC
  15. Sometimes it’s easier to shoot a beach scene at the beach without all the technology.;~) CrewC
  16. As it’s Thanksgiving here in the USA, I’d like to give thanks to my family, friends, and mentors who have furthered my lifelong quest for knowledge and wisdom as I seek the gift of sound and vision. Cheers to you all. CrewC
  17. My most sincere condolences to Don’s family and many friends. I was lucky to have Don and Jeff as my friends and mentors for fourty years now. Both incredible men who’s work speaks volumes about their mastery of the craft, the craft of filmmaking. I cherish the times we had and will honor them with maximum respect.
  18. El Mirage dry lake is a L A location infamous to all who have shot there. The last two days were the most pleasant I have ever experienced but.... CrewC
  19. Late to the Shinyribs but not too late. Here’s a taste. CrewC Another
  20. old school

    HHB Dat

    True Mr Teas, though I’ve never seen the machines that record and presumably play back archived data. Seems like there should be a better way, but what do I know? CrewC
  21. old school

    HHB Dat

    I still have 2 HHB PortaDats. One works well, the other is dodgy, but when I was using them many moons ago and I never had any issues. Certainly linear tape with digital data was a bastard format never meant to last the test of time and it didn’t. RIP DAT. CrewC
  22. I've jammed them all but I only own Denecke's. Super reliable and not power hungry and bulletproof. CrewC
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