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  1. Welcome Danny. Just an observation, if you or anyone thinks this is a rude reception or answers to a terrible question, the real world will eat you up and spit out whatever it doesn’t devour of you. Perhaps an introduction of yourself and place in the community and your current job would be a good place to start instead of a overly broad question painted bright green. Best of luck. CrewC
  2. Sad to lose Mr Mtukudzi. As gifted as they come. CrewC
  3. Real nice man who I only knew from here, I was always impressed my his knowledge and wit. My condolences to his family and friends. CrewC
  4. I'm a fan of their collaboration and this recording too. CrewC
  5. Thanks Marc. Speeedy recovery Mike. CrewC
  6. Cheers to JW Sound. It was my first interaction with social media and will always be my favorite all due to the founder and namesake and the great members who make it what it is. Happy New Year to you all. CrewC
  7. VAS is correct as to the intent of my post. CrewC
  8. Ha. Funny. Outro is a bit tight, no? CrewC
  9. Big fan of these people. CrewC
  10. Like JonG it was at an LA event sometime this year. I think? I hope he's well and happy. CrewC
  11. Sad on every level. My condolences to his family and many friends. CrewC
  12. Indeed a great job by an outstanding mixer and a top crew. CrewC
  13. A break from commercials last week. A skit for the Emmy Awards my son Case and I recorded last week at Universal. CrewC
  14. All good ways to record it. One question, no cameras? CrewC
  15. Nice memory Al. So many of my friends worked with him. Sorry I didn't I never heard a negative in town like too many actors carry. While I was never a fan, he did have what all the greats have, they play themselves. I salute that. Thanks for sharing. CrewC
  16. Congrats to all and their crews. Well done. CrewC
  17. I've said we need a like button for years. As for the HN7506 cans, I own a pair but luckily I've had to use them only twice. They work well. CrewC
  18. Happy Belated B D wishes J B. Big fan. CrewC
  19. The UK sound teams who did this shoot get an A+'s in my opinion. As for the content, well Sir Paul and J C are top level talent. Really well done all. CrewC
  20. Busy week working but I'm looking forward to these Pros talk about it. Thanks CAS, David, Bill and Peter. CrewC
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