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  1. Hey - all useful information, thanks... but if you don't mind, curious where & what you are recording that the DPA 4060s are too noisy for? Thx -
  2. then that would be patently perfect...
  3. Patrick - A question about your MS setup, please. 1) cabling: it looks like you might be using the Schoeps K5LU lemo to XLR cable (15') for the CCM8 and have just coiled it up because of its length. Is this right? For indoors / when not using a larger blimp setup ( or maybe with the Leo - which I like the look of a lot), I'd like to find a short, simple Y cable with a lemo + xlr to 5pin XLR out but no luck. I'm not sure if it exists but have you come across anything like that? I do still have a pair of lemo /xlr tails & connbox from an older, pre-Cyclone Rycote rig, but I'd prefer something less clunky. 2) which Cinela shock mount are you using? Thank you -
  4. +1 - and looking at the DPA rewire above ( assuming that is in fact Kishor...) is black the only available cable color, ie no white or tan? Thanks
  5. Thank you, this is a really helpful discussion for me as well. And if you don't mind I'd appreciate a bit of detail on the situations where you were disappointed with the A10s performance... If outdoors, what sort of distances / ranges are we talking about? If indoors, was this a problem with walls, floors, etc? Anyway, any information you care to share very much appreciated - thx
  6. Is there a new A10 line coming out? I was not able to find any information about this - Thx
  7. Thanks and understood, but to make myself a bit clearer, the recommended occasional 'tickle' of red on the TX can appear like a car wreck on the 401 display - which can be somewhat unnerving... so even while I'm not hearing distortion, I'll often back off the red tickle altogether just to avoid this visual smashup, sort of like fingernails on the chalkboard but to my eyes. Anyway, not all of my receivers display exactly the same way.
  8. lol -:) However, as you say, "Remember, you can't overload the receiver ..." - I have a couple of older 401s on which ( with LMAs occasionally tickling the red ) the display certainly appears like its showing distortion. This is because the AF signal strength triangle on the display can & does turns full square, banging the wall visually if not accoustically... So one can be excused from interpreting this mashup as trouble, as I certainly have done in the past - although listening as carefully as I could I never heard any. IMG_1199.HEIC IMG_1200.HEIC
  9. -:) mine too Strong bit of kit for sure, fantastic they put in 6 preamps so no need to carry along another preamp for all sorts of scenarios, especially music & ambience w/two stereo pairs, DMS, Ambisonics, 5.1... scanned the manual and at least so far don't think there's more than a 2 channel linking option for stereo/MS but hopefully a software upgrade can ( and will..!) remedy that soon enough. And new to me certainly - SD now moving to Smart batteries... but strangely still building around the Sonys. I'd happily switch over completely but no love in lugging 2 different battery systems / chargers around the world.
  10. Stingray Jr user here - had a larger Orca before but sold on the Jr - just right for a few Lectros and a bds, msc. And not least, it fits flat in my Think Tank International roller carry on.
  11. Love it! Thx for sharing that pic - a wonderful film and wonderful sound(s...) - great job!
  12. +1 but please don't ask Santa for a "633 mk2" or you will get a Scorpio with just 3 preamps / 3 faders... where SD got this 3 thing from I don't know. 4 XLR mic ins is the magic number here - so much more useful.
  13. +1 for the Hawkwoods, in my case the DV-SQN4S. Many years of bag use and no issues... before that I used their system for Np-1s and likewise always worked as it should.
  14. You can see my question about the SPS200 on their FB page - under the announcement for the new Soundfield web site with recording samples. I was answered in a personal message, assumed it would also appear on web site. I despise FB and wander into its messy warren only rarely...
  15. fyi, a nice new Soundfield website + on Rode's FB page this morning: "...The SPS200 is going to continue on as a SoundField product, where as the NT-SF1 is going to be a cheaper, more affordable ambisonic mic officially as a RODE Microphones product. The SoundField products will continue to be largely hand made and featuring the best components available, where as the NT-SF1 will benefit from RODE's more automated, advanced manufacturing techniques that will reduce the cost. I'm sure a lot of people will be comparing both when they are available.
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