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  1. Hi. I was talking to the guys at Hide-a-mic to ask them to do one of their one minute miking workshops in London. Would anyone be interested in that? They usually do it in equipment shops, so does anyone have any suggestions of a good location? Chris King
  2. Yes Henry will be making the tails for me. Just wanted to know if anyone had any experience of using the smaller beta box lemo type connector on tails. I've used them on beta boxes before, but not on tails.
  3. chrisyking

    New Tails

    Simple quick one. I need to buy some new tails. My existing ones are the old fashioned ten pin screw fit ones, but my wireman is suggesting to get new ones with the smaller hi-rose connector of the type used with the old hawkswood beta-boxes. Can anyone put me right on what might be the better out of the two? Will the hi-rose last? Many thanks.....
  4. Just used my s5 plugged directly via USB mode from a panasonic camera to we transfer a load of shots we took using 4g. Camera mounted as a drive on the phone....Still love the s5... for me the main thing is having the removable battery....... couldn't live without that.....
  5. As a user of a Samsung s5 there are a few features I find very useful: 1) You can pull out the battery and put a new one in, which means you can always have one on charge and one in the phone, or if you're in the jungle you can bring a handful of 10 quid batteries with you. 2) With a short adapter cabe you can plug any USB device into the phone, so you can put the SD card from your 633 into a card reader and plug it straight into the phone, and convert, send or email files right from the card. You can also convert them to mp3 first on the phone. 3) You can play both video and audio files straight from an sd or cf card using VLC and the above adapter. 4) Using a toshiba flash air you don't even need to plug in the card, though this is slow... Just wondering, can you plug sd cards into an iphone? How is the iphone for copy protection? I used to own an iphone, but the limitations were a real problem. Has this improved? Are there workarounds? Is the iphone still the best phone for media professionals? Chris
  6. Just bout a Toshiba Flash Air SD card for my 633. Very useful if you have an android phone as you can download, convert to mp3 and email off files without pulling the card out. Isn't mega fast, but works really well. They're about 20 quid on amazon.....
  7. Ive also just ordered another version of this which can receive audio as well. Could be useful... Will report back...
  8. Yes it's only two so is no good for film, but for simple doco etc where you just want a feed for the director and cameraman it's perfect. I tried it with my bose headphones which are only bluetooth, and the latency is a fair bit. I think if you get APTX headphones though the latency is quoted as 40ms which is very quick, and fine for monitoring IMO. I wouldn't use it as a camera hop or anything critical, but the sound quality off this box is pretty good. Apparently you can charge it as it runs as well, so with a USB input you can keep it permanently powered. I'm just working on that at the mo.... range is around 10m with line of site, but it can be choppy every so often if you get too far away. I think this is fine for doco/interviews where the director is in the same room.
  9. Just bought one of these babies, on offer for a tenner on amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bluetooth-Transmitter-Technology-Simultaneously-BT-C3/dp/B00Y0JGI8U They have APTX so make a nice little TX for giving up to two aptx enabled feed headsets for director/cameraman. The aptx is low enough latency to use for non critical use I reckon. Am going to make a headphone out cable for my SD633 aux outputs. Just thought I would share.... Chris King
  10. Mine arrived yesterday. Did some brief testing ant they work very well. Will test over the next few weeks.
  11. I just ordered some via the facebook page. Will report back when I get them.
  12. Here's the facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hideamic?pnref=story Think they will be on sale soon.
  13. Full report please!! Where did you get them?
  14. Yes. I didn't want to leave anyone with the wrong impression. Very happy with my WS-1 now.
  15. You can buy post office patch cables from Canford which have lovely silent cotton covered cables. I just cut the ends off those. Perfect. http://www.canford.co.uk/Products/20346/43-7022_CANFORD-B-GAUGE-PATCHCORD-Tinsel-600mm-Red
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