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  1. Hi all, This may have been discussed before but I don't seem to be able to find anything relating to it. I have recently moved from being an SD 552 user to Nomad. I noticed that the input gain seems to be very low. Yes, phantom power is on. Running a 416 into my 552, I would usually have my trim adjusted to around 12 minutes past, and ride the fader between quarter to and quarter past depending on source. With these settings my LED's would be bouncing around between -6 and 4/6. Now, transferring to the Nomad, I seem to be having to crank my trim up to 25dB+ and fader cranked all the way to get anything between -20 and -10 (peaking at around -5dB) on my mix track. With those settings, my ISO seems to struggle to peak at anything more than -15dB (bouncing around between -30 and -20). I have discovered the +10dB option in the input menu, but not sure this should be necessary or is desirable. I have tried on a variety of inputs and with a variety of mics. I just upgraded from 6.20 to 6.22, followed by a factory reset, which made no difference. With the trim cranked up (+25 - +30dB) the sound is acceptable but it seems to me that to get those levels, I shouldn't have to be pushing the pre amps so hard. I read this article but it wasn't much help (unless this is all something to do with dB definition) - Is it also that the SD meters run from -30 to +20, whereas Nomads run from -40 to 0? Maybe this is just some transition anxiety?! Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe
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