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    Lone fighter, commercials/corporate video/low-budget-film/short/TV interviews.<br />Sometimes 2nd boom for TV.<br />SD 633 , MKH8060 , Quickpole QS mini , Cinela Rycote Windscreen. DPA 4060 / MKE02 EW Gold , Sennheiser EW G3.<br /><br />

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  1. Joachim

    664 metadata/notes lost?

    Please elobarate on M-files and ALE. 664 file types are Broadcast Wave (with bext and ixml) and MP3.
  2. Joachim

    664 metadata/notes lost?

    The CSV-file of the sound report should be still on the disks of the data wrangler (and post). At least some metadata.
  3. Joachim

    Trim on 633 - a suggestion

    http://forums.sounddevices.com/forum/other-topics/suggestion-box/31555-allow-linking-of-channels-1-3-on-a-633 Unfortunately not possible.
  4. Joachim

    Rycote Super Softie for MKH50 and CMC641

    Concerning the price and/or the wind protection ?
  5. Joachim

    On-Set comm/talkback rigs for sound crew

    Hi Peter ! Awesome setup. Pictures of the DIY box and the rubber/foam box would be higly appreciated.
  6. Joachim

    Do you pick winter/rain clothes by their noisiness?

    http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/user/6906-simon-hayes/ Maybe send him a message directly.
  7. Joachim

    Name, manufacurer for boom cable accessory

    Yes, I use one. If source = manufacturer then http://www.ambient.de/. It is not a listed product, but they make/sell it.
  8. Joachim

    Name, manufacurer for boom cable accessory

    Maybe an alternative, from Ambient (not on their webpages).
  9. Joachim

    SD 633 , Features , Wish List / Questions

    Me too, that's why I backup my card with my card reader on my laptop and on an USB stick. Data wranglers just get the stick.
  10. Joachim

    SD 633 , Features , Wish List / Questions

    Added another personal wish : 15. Keyboard , undocumented functionality of "Esc" , to be changed into "One-Step-back-in-the-Menu-Tree" : When going into a menu via the Menu Button, e.g. Main Menu > 7.File Storage > 3.Folder Options > Enter > Folder Options Menu , then pressing the Menu Button will go back to File Storage Menu; the menu above the last one. Going into a menu via keyboard : F1 > Arrows > Enter > Arrows > ... , it is not possible to go back to the last menu. "Esc" will revert to the Main Screen. "Esc" is not documented, but could have the functionality of "One-Step-back-in-the-Menu-Tree". "Go-back-immediately-from-a-menu-to-Main-Screen" is already covered by the Select Button. Presently, navigating in menus via keyboard is only "forth".
  11. Joachim

    SD 633 , Features , Wish List / Questions

    Added to my personal wish list, post #1. You use all inputs ? (So there is no chance to split the return with an adaptor cable to 2 x TA3 and feed inputs 5+6)
  12. Joachim

    SD 633 , Features , Wish List / Questions

    Yes, that was my thread starting intend. That was exactly my first feeling, when it was announced; finally a kind of "missing link" between the 744 and the 788. I am still in love, but my wish is to keep this thread focused on improvements. The desire for improvements will grow with further shooting days.
  13. Joachim

    SD 633 , Features , Wish List / Questions

    I am hoping for this, too. SD 633 users, you might like to post your comments also/instead here : http://forums.sounddevices.com/forum/field-mixers/-633-mixer/31103-things-i-noticed-working-with-the-633
  14. Joachim

    SD 633 , Features , Wish List / Questions

    http://forums.sounddevices.com/forum/field-mixers/-633-mixer/31103-things-i-noticed-working-with-the-633 I copied the list to this forum - engineers from SD are replying a lot of times to those requests. dBu versus dBfs : there is already a discussion about that in the SD forum. Volt meter is also discussed already there. I personally do not need it, with 2 SWIT S-8972 connected - will last forever. HP encoder : in the mentioned thread, somebody already replied : set HP pref to Preset/Vol. Although I would like to have the whole preset list open. HP level lock : could have used that, when my keyboard was connected and the up arrow was stuck, +20dB, no way of manually lowering it (disconnected keyboard , unit off, on, normal). Keyboard : mine fits in the bag. Glued velcro on the back and also velcro on a selfmade soft-PVC folio. If not having to move dramatically while booming, I can even leave it attached as in the pictures (barely visible on the second one), ready to create even individual notes right after the take. The folio also acts as a way stronger protection, once the keyboard is hidden in the bag and the folio wraps from front to back. (BTW : the camera man is standing on a skateboard, being towed )
  15. Joachim

    SD 633 , Features , Wish List / Questions

    Added. I will copy the list in some days to the SD forum (after checking, that I am not double-requesting); Matt Mayer, SD Applications Engineer, is actively involved there, an almost direct contact.