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    I'm Nelly GOURVES , I work for the CINELA company since nearly two years now.
    I used to be a sound mixer , i was also one of the fouding members of a sound equipments (for film, video and TV production) rental company that i left to join the CINELA company .
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  1. Incredible story of that "time reference" channel and its mistake (500Hz instead of 250 Hz) that took two years to be understood ! I dream of having been Mr Scott’s assistant !
  2. How did you guess that we use this machine to design a suspension ? Haha
  3. A lot of work to achieve a dedicated fit for the new CMC-1U ! The CUT60 is highly recommended for booming ! We created a specific COSI-XS cage version for this microphone (with or without CUT60), but a regular S version will do the job perfectly ! A specific holder has to be used (COSI-HLD-CMC1U).
  4. This mount has a specific "imbalance compensation" (swivel fixation point is completely out of the isolators area) which would no be optimized for the CMC-1...but we also have new solutions for the CMC-1 !
  5. For Schoeps MiniCMIT (Ref: E-OSIX-MiniCMIT) and DPA 4017C (Ref: E-OSIX-4017C). Indoor use, foam only. For harder protection...choose the COSI ! Same swivel than COSI, full options. Available Mid-September. Come and see us at the IBC in Amsterdam, booth 12.F30, with Transvideo/Aaton !
  6. Dear Mr Toline, dear Eric, your life is a great deal with audio, up to the heart of your heart. Good luck for the Rest of your life ! P.Chenevez
  7. Here is the picture of the 8060, without XLR module, directly screwed on the special COSI adapter (MZL connector inside). This precise assembling fits the precise reference COSI-L-8060 ("Long" cage) If you insert the MZF filter, you need the XL cage. Precise reference: COSI-XL-8060. If you prefer to use the XLR module, without MZF, then you need the COSI-XL-19 (standard XL COSI with 19mm holder). Sorry, it's not possible to have 8060+MZF+XLR module...in COSI !
  8. And now the new COSI version: COSI-XL-8060: For 8060+MZF, without XLR module. XL size (total size 24cm). Special Sennheiser connector and XLR3M out.
  9. I would bet something like this ! Square signal (digital) and Sinus one (analog) in the same box...
  10. Did you choose your birthday date, just after the NAB, to get double compliments in a row ?
  11. The most recent information from Sennheiser (France): no need for a minimum qty. You can buy a single one. Simply contact your nearest Sennheiser dealer.
  12. @Glen I suspect it will not be possible...but you can ask Senheiser ! @Derek Yes, the 8050+MZF+XLR is 103mm long so it will nicely fit an OSIX-1 or E-OSIX-7 version. The 19mm diameter leads to make a simple but specific adaptation. We have so many references... Simply order the reference OSIX-1(8050+MZF) or E-OSIX-7(8050+MZF) and you'll get the right unit !
  13. Sennheiser France. One of our commercial contact. He ordered two units from Sennheiser Germany. Good luck !
  14. I just had this information from Sennheiser. A "custom" version of the MZF, +18dB/oct @70Hz can be ordered with the reference CU0335 ! Can you believe that ? Let's check ! Everyone is invited to order that reference...and we'll see ! It will not be helpful for the 8060 in COSI (that would be a too long microphone for COSI), but will be perfect for MKH8040/8050 in COSI-M-19 (Medium size cage). Let's see...
  15. @thenannymoh Let me add some points... Few months ago, I had the chance to test a prototype made by Sennheiser. It was a +18dB/oct version (third order) of the MZF. Really good ! I don't know why they didn't came up with such a very nice improved version. I hardly recommend everyone to put a hard pressure to Sennheiser to make it !! I'm not sure that the MZF, in its current version, is "almost universally" used because of its perfect quality. I can only imagine that it is used because...nothing else do exists. Unlike many microphones, that integrate a real "rumble" filter (low freq, high slope), sometimes "hidden", the 8000 serie doesn't have any filter at all. The new COSI technique (patent pending) implies a limited length, and limited size in general, waiting for possible improvments... The limited length has not been choosen to avoid the use of the MZF. I was initially sceptical to integrate the 8060 in COSI, but I finally found a way using the special Sennheiser connector, plus an adaptation piece. And yes, the need for a "external" filter is there...as usual ! P.Chenevez
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