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    I'm Nelly GOURVES , I work for the CINELA company since nearly two years now.
    I used to be a sound mixer , i was also one of the fouding members of a sound equipments (for film, video and TV production) rental company that i left to join the CINELA company .
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  1. Headphones and silence, that's all you need to make your own opinion on some units. Youtube https://youtu.be/3Em4RvvTfOs Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Cinela-1471314373154513
  2. Just in case you can contact us ! contact@cinela.fr We have such a windshield ("Albert" range) for two 4011C
  3. Yes, this "rubber thing" is what we call the "bellows". With time and dust, there can be some friction noise between hard parts (lateral screw or main axis) and the flexible material of the bellows. Please use baby powder (talc) on surfaces in contact ! An ear stick is a good tool for that. In any case you have some unexpected noise like this one, feel free to write an email at contact@cinela.fr !
  4. Let me confirm the major difference between the C preamp and the B one: No filter at all on the C. The B integrates a hidden 3rd order filter (+18dB/oct) at 50Hz, not talking about the ring one. Basically, the 4017C is a rumble generator. And if that was not enough, a suspension is a rumble amplifier. To be a little simplistic, I have to say that a bad suspension has its resonance in the audible range...and a good one frankly below 20Hz (with HIGH resonance factor). No problem at all if your recorder/mixer integrates a high slope filter (+18 or +24dB/oct) in the input first stage, but take care to digital filters or too smooth ones (+6 or +12dB/oct). Don't be surprised if the limiter reacts ! As a conclusion, the right tool is NOT simply a good microphone and a good suspension, it's a combination between those...and the right filtering. Tell me if I'm wrong and I'll change my life.
  5. Maybe this trick is a line of the famous "Pin 1 problem" defined by the AES. Thank you "rich" for this reminder. @Ivica, in case it doesn't work, please let me know in PM or directly on this thread. We may have another option... Philippe@cinela
  6. Effectively, by principle, due to external isolators, COSI has a fixed cover.
  7. The XS version is not sooo different than the S one. It's only 17 mm shorter. It has been created to offer the shortest fit to the CMC1, but is also perfect for the 4018C (with the 19mm holder). The S version may accept a bit more microphones (with proper holders), but if you only have the 4018C, the XS will be perfect ! Never forget that the more "dead air" you'll have in front (and around) the membrane, the more efficiency you'll get !
  8. The COSI is totally modular, so we can easily provide a "COSI-XS-19" for the 4018C. We can also make a fabric finish, for indoor use only !
  9. For sure COSI cannot compete the larger Pianissimo, but is certainly a winner in its size category. Try it at home !
  10. Dear Johnny, this option has been discussed with Schoeps, years ago. It's mostly a question of acoustic wavelength in front of the clip size. No special worry for our common "audible" frequencies. That technique may not be applied if the clip is too close to the membrane anyway, which is not the case with the MiniCMIT in Pianissimo. Don't forget that the whole windshield has also an effect on "transparency". This clip will not change the game... In the other hand, this special clip installation is very helpful for balance and let the use of flexible isolators, which is a key for isolation. Only my opinion of course... P.Chenevez
  11. Dear Tim, no problem to fix any kind of these things. Please send a mail at contact@cinela.fr P.Chenevez
  12. I like the new member "Jiffy Sound". He looks great !
  13. Very nice quizz, very nice clues and very nice pictures ! Team work. Thank you for this story.
  14. Let me offer you a second CMC1, including full windshields, if you hear any difference in a blind test !
  15. Dear Cinela users, we really hope you are safe in this hard period ! For those who are in front of the virus during shootings, here is a simple advice for disinfection: Simplest way: leave your units in quarantine ! two or three days may be enough. Furs and fabrics: as heat is NOT acceptable (it can damage piles or synthetic fibers), a good solution is simply to wash it with a generous load of soap or washing powder in lukewarm water. The virus is known to "slide" in soapy water, then you hardly rinse the unit after washing ! Don't dry it with a hair dryer, except with a low temperature one. Generally, a full drying night is enough. About fur, you'll also have to brush it gently ! Other elements like suspensions: to clean the unit with alcohol 90° seems to be the simplest solution. All parts will not suffer from "hard" alcohol. COSI specific case: the whole "wind module" can be washed in soapy (lukewarm) water. Simply unmount it by unscrewing the bue knob. Then rinse. Anyway, you need to help the drying process with a fan, just to be sure that all parts are completely dry ! If you are in a hurry, you can also spray alcohol on piles ! Philippe Chenevez
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