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    I'm Nelly GOURVES , I work for the CINELA company since nearly two years now.
    I used to be a sound mixer , i was also one of the fouding members of a sound equipments (for film, video and TV production) rental company that i left to join the CINELA company .

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  1. Here is the picture of the 8060, without XLR module, directly screwed on the special COSI adapter (MZL connector inside). This precise assembling fits the precise reference COSI-L-8060 ("Long" cage) If you insert the MZF filter, you need the XL cage. Precise reference: COSI-XL-8060. If you prefer to use the XLR module, without MZF, then you need the COSI-XL-19 (standard XL COSI with 19mm holder). Sorry, it's not possible to have 8060+MZF+XLR module...in COSI !
  2. And now the new COSI version: COSI-XL-8060: For 8060+MZF, without XLR module. XL size (total size 24cm). Special Sennheiser connector and XLR3M out.
  3. I would bet something like this ! Square signal (digital) and Sinus one (analog) in the same box...
  4. Did you choose your birthday date, just after the NAB, to get double compliments in a row ?
  5. The most recent information from Sennheiser (France): no need for a minimum qty. You can buy a single one. Simply contact your nearest Sennheiser dealer.
  6. @Glen I suspect it will not be possible...but you can ask Senheiser ! @Derek Yes, the 8050+MZF+XLR is 103mm long so it will nicely fit an OSIX-1 or E-OSIX-7 version. The 19mm diameter leads to make a simple but specific adaptation. We have so many references... Simply order the reference OSIX-1(8050+MZF) or E-OSIX-7(8050+MZF) and you'll get the right unit !
  7. Sennheiser France. One of our commercial contact. He ordered two units from Sennheiser Germany. Good luck !
  8. I just had this information from Sennheiser. A "custom" version of the MZF, +18dB/oct @70Hz can be ordered with the reference CU0335 ! Can you believe that ? Let's check ! Everyone is invited to order that reference...and we'll see ! It will not be helpful for the 8060 in COSI (that would be a too long microphone for COSI), but will be perfect for MKH8040/8050 in COSI-M-19 (Medium size cage). Let's see...
  9. @thenannymoh Let me add some points... Few months ago, I had the chance to test a prototype made by Sennheiser. It was a +18dB/oct version (third order) of the MZF. Really good ! I don't know why they didn't came up with such a very nice improved version. I hardly recommend everyone to put a hard pressure to Sennheiser to make it !! I'm not sure that the MZF, in its current version, is "almost universally" used because of its perfect quality. I can only imagine that it is used because...nothing else do exists. Unlike many microphones, that integrate a real "rumble" filter (low freq, high slope), sometimes "hidden", the 8000 serie doesn't have any filter at all. The new COSI technique (patent pending) implies a limited length, and limited size in general, waiting for possible improvments... The limited length has not been choosen to avoid the use of the MZF. I was initially sceptical to integrate the 8060 in COSI, but I finally found a way using the special Sennheiser connector, plus an adaptation piece. And yes, the need for a "external" filter is there...as usual ! P.Chenevez
  10. Dear all, the OSIX 8060 will not fit correctly for different reasons: mike diameter, isolator flexibility (too stiff) and one of the most important: the limited distance between the slits and the cradle edge. You will not be able to slide the foam completely, up to the end, and this will make a noticeable reduction on the wind performance (swings). A nice dedicated MiniCMIT suspension is a project...that we have to do. Many prototypes are currently in use, with satisfaction, and the pressure to do it becomes high... We are on a big move (to a much elegent/convenient location) but we'll do it asap. About COSI (version L-21), it is a real perfect fit for the MiniCMIT. It's a good compromise for indoor (fast swings) and outdoor. The wind performance cannot be as good as the bigger Pianissimo, but it is definitely much more imprtant than any other windscreen for that kind of size. The only tool you have to keep if you finish your life in a desert island. P. Chenevez
  11. Dear PJ Rankin, About rain, the good thing is that the microphone is not so badly completely surrounded...but it cannot do the magic. The big rain drops will ever make noise because the impact remains quite near to the membrane. Our KELLY units have 3cm thickness, around large cages, and that is not for nothing... We may propose a waterproof treatment (like KELLY), but only to fight for water/humidity. The back part of the microphone holder is also nicely closed, but not exactly sealed ! Anyway, I'm sure many people will find some DIY solutions to help water fighting in light rains... There are no Low cut integrated in the unit. The MiniCMIT integrates a dream rumble filter by itself. For other mikes, you have to make sure of the rumble filtering, exactly like you have to do with any kind of suspension/windshield.
  12. Here is the situation with this new COSI swivel: - All OSIX serie units are now provided with it, but fitted with fixed screws (XLR only on side, as usual). - As a replacement part for OSIX serie, you can order the reference "SW-UL" instead of our "old" reference SW-LB. It will be fitted with fixed screws. - All E-OSIX serie units are now provided with this swivel, with both "violin" screws and rotating functions (as COSI). - PIANO, PIANISSIMO and Zephyx series still keep their original swivels. About COSI price. We did our best to limit the end price...but everyone has to appreciate two things: - Design costs are very high. All pieces (unbreakable) are totally new shapes. Moulds are numerous (and NOT made in Asia). Many many versions/prototypes has been made. - The unit is a real different tool as the usual ones. Is it a "suspension" (indoor) ? Is it a "windshield" (outdoor) ? Certainly both. Surprisingly good and ready for evolution (other external layers, other mike adaptations, etc...) Try it, and send us feedbacks !
  13. Dear Wrinex, all the prototype testers have been invited to talk totally freely. We also invite them to make real recordings but they were all busy on shootings. On the video, the only real sounds from COSI comes from Rado Stevanov (high shaking) and the "Hey Bro" guy in Portugal (high wind). We may produce others videos, measurments and tests in...a while (but we are very busy)...but will you trust us ? You have the choice either to wait for the "world reply" or test it yourself. Some dealers begin to get demo units from us. Where are you based ? We can make sure that a dealer around will have units soon. Let us know ! P.Chenevez
  14. New concept, technique and design ! For microphones shorter than 15cm, specially with short body end like Schoeps MiniCMIT, Sennheiser MKH8000, DPA4017C & 4018C, Sanken CS-M1 and many others. More infos soon ! First shippings before end of september.
  15. Please come and see us at the IBC 2018 in AMSTERDAM ! Booth 8.C64 https://youtu.be/A0yIkfxWgJE https://www.facebook.com/Cinela-1471314373154513/
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