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  1. All ears 666?? Currently residing "in the closet"?? You're not funny.
  2. What Karl mentioned here was definitely the fix for me. I discovered this myself and called Lectro personally to let them know (may not have been the first or the last to do so) but was never offered a hardware upgrade under an extended warranty :(.. maybe it was too early on to be sure on their part(still love you guys). Either way, my testing when I had this issue led to the discovery that only my older wires that were wired with the "Universal" pinout had this issue. All other lavs wired with the "servo" pinout could have the RC on without any issues. Hope this helps
  3. Jay's books were super helpful for me when I was starting out. Another one worth checking out is "The Location Sound Bible" by Ric Viers.
  4. Thanks for the responses everyone. Are you referring to the Sennheiser MZQ 22? Or the MZQ 1? cheers A I believe that would be the MZQ 22 clip that was mentioned above. Great clip.. the lav is held in place by a separate piece that you can easily rotate inside of the main housing. This allows for more options in terms of mic orientation. However, the separate piece is made to clamp around the cable, not the mic itself, which makes it a crazy tight squeeze (if possible at all) with a cos-11. I vaguely remember seeing a post where some third party had created a version of that piece that is made to actually fit a cos-11.
  5. One important thing to keep in mind is that you want the ability to have the gain for all 4 mic pre's linked so that they are exactly the same. This is necessary for the "imaging" that's done when being processed in post. I believe you can work around this by recording a test tone on each track and using that to make sure all channels are calibrated that way.. but it requires some extra cooperation from post and may be less accurate. The 6 series Sound Devices units do not have this ability. Zaxcom recorders and The SD 788 do... and the new firmware for the MixPre series from Sound Devices also allows for this. With the MixPre6 you'd need an external TC box but the cost of the two combined would be significantly less than some of these other options. I've been considering an ambisonics rig myself and have been leaning towards the MixPre6 and the SPS2000.
  6. Not necessarily the card with the new prg file on it... I think SD has discovered that you should format your cards (all of them) with the machine after the new firmware is installed. A card that you formatted using the machine with the older firmware may give you trouble.
  7. Cool.. thanks for the link! Once I get my explorer it will be nice to have a nice graphic display that's more portable.. I know they have a similar software for computers as well. As for the amp.. you may still be able to get your hands on one of these..email Thomas Popp .. Thomas@audiodept.com if you're interested.
  8. Indeed.. thinking an RF explorer should probably be at the top of my purchase list. I'm using the 1W amp that SGS had a quick run at before realizing that the unit was not FCC approved.
  9. I was wondering if any of you guys/gals out there are using a 2.4 GHz amp in your bag setup along side the Wingman bluetooth dongle. I currently run an IFB200 in my bag for TC/scratch to camera and have added a 1W amp to that setup. I've already successfully shut down the 2.4 wifi in my apartment with this amp and it got me thinking about bluetooth devices working nearby. I don't currently own the Wingman dongle so I figured I'd see if anyone here is running that combo with success. I did test using a bluetooth keyboard w/ my 633 while the amp was working and it worked fine. Thanks in advance! Thomas
  10. I've definitely been considering the BST-75 in my bag. I have a buddy that already uses one so I should probably test it out and see if the Zax whine gets in. I'm using an IFB200 so the output is a bit higher (75mW), but I'm hoping the build of the BST-75 will do a better job of keeping spurious RF out. I have also heard people report that the whine can get in via power so I'd have to test if powering the BST-75 and IFB200 off of the same distro is a problem. Glad to hear you had success with the BST though.. definitely near the top of my purchase list since it will only be a few hundred dollars if I sell of the M216.
  11. I had the same issue and it took some time before I realized (thanks to a post from another user) that the input limiters for channels 4-6 on the 633 are post A/D converter. There are no "analog" limiters on those inputs. Because of this... it seems you can overload the A/D converters when you push the gain causing a nasty digital clipping. The meters on your iso's or mix will not necessarily be anywhere near the red when you encounter this clipping. I've started limiting the use of the gain on the 633 (ch4-6) to no more than 4-6 dB and being sure to boost the gain on the tx when I need more. The tx is the best place to get the proper gain anyways but it's not always easy to make adjustments to our tx when your not a Zaxcom guy/gal(no Zaxnet)... so this is a little unfortunate. I now ride the tx gain a little higher than in the past so that I'm sure I don't have to gain up the pots on 4-6 too high and it has solved the issue for me. I hit the tx limiters a little harder from time to time but that's music to my ears when compared to the nasty digital clip I was getting before.
  12. That's too bad! I knew they had been dealing with FCC compliance issues since Gene first thought of producing an amp for Zaxnet.. seems the struggle continues.
  13. Would love to hear how the new Sound Guy Solutions 2.4GHz 1w amp is performing out in the field. A few specific questions would be where are you mounting the amp? Its seems to be geared more for bag work since it comes with a belt clip. Are you clipping it to your harness? Also, has anyone had the boosted 2.4GHz find its way into your wireless mics/comteks etc? I've had to deal with the "Zaxnet Whine" getting into my Comtek M-216 tx before. And that was with the 75mW RF output power of my IFB200... makes me wonder if the 1W output power would be asking for trouble. Side note: Should I be worried (health wise) about strapping a 2.4GHz 1W amp to my body??
  14. Thanks for the detailed response... I am however well aware of the Lectrosonics suggested technique.. Karl's recent video added to that in mentioning that the gain setting actually affects range as well because of the squelch technology's use of signal to noise ratio. As mentioned in my post, I'm speaking of unscripted situations where you really have no clue what type of levels you may encounter during the shoot and just basing your gain settings off of a quick test where you allow talents speaking levels to just bump the limiter could result in clipping during a loud laugh or scream.
  15. Indeed... so maybe tell me the model of lav and the tx gain...
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