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  1. Has anyone tested the tac!t cable with the 8060 in combination with zaxcom wirelss plug-on transmitter on the boom? I am asking because the rycote support wrote, that rf-noise depends also very much on the combination of mic+cable etc.. here's a partly quote from the mail I got: Tac!T should be relatively immune to RFI.It uses a true balanced amplifier and capacitive/inductive filters to minimise any RF entering and exiting the unit; however, it is an active device, and in extreme RF fields (e.g. an area with several active mobile phones) it may be impossible to prevent some interference.Sensitivity to RFI is strongly connected with both the microphone and the pre-amplifier it connects to, and you might find that using a different preamp or mic resolves any issues entirely.
  2. seems like an old thread, but an evergreen topic! soft lyres, placed quite close to each other seems to be pretty efficient for the 8050. And the rycote baseball for no swing sound. That's a new thing that wasn't there when the thread was started. I am curious about the Tac!t cabble though... enjoy christmas! Oscar
  3. I see, it's also mentioned here. well, that shouldn't hold me back as long the usb switch is a proper switch and not some kind of usb hub...
  4. But they do have usb a connectors, don't they? Do they have a special pin assignment? Edit: this is what you're talking about, right?
  5. Hi everybody, I have this thought: How about how simultaneously use the rx12 and mix8 connected to the nomad. I've found an old thread but it didn't go deep. I know that there's the nomad touch and some special kind of usb-hub solution that is made to do achieve what I want but I don't want to invest into nomad touch right now. Here comes my low-budget work around idea: A manual usb switch to be able to use the automatic frequency function auto pick first at the beginning of the day and then switch to to the mix8 afterwards. I haven't tried it yet and don't know if it requires a restart of the nomad. here's some cheap usb switch: https://www.amazon.com/UGREEN-Sharing-Peripheral-Switcher-Adapter/dp/B01CU4QCRS/ref=sr_1_3_sspa?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1520895246&sr=1-3-spons&keywords=usb+switch&psc=1 Has anyone tried that yet?
  6. I can hear a very clear difference of noise level sitting in my bed with a towel covering my ears on my 30 year old gdr speakers. the 8060 wins clearly to my ears! I know an sound enginer who was complaining that the 8000 series has a higher self noise than the MKH 40/50/60's and so on... But noise levels are funny. my sanken cs1e has as much self noise as my probably 40 year old sennheiser mkh416T. Still the sanken is a great mik and my first choice when it comes to documentary allrounder needs! Self noise in general is not that big of issue, imho... cheers, oscar
  7. Oscar

    Viviana Straps

    https://www.soundfish.it/viviana-straps/ They are producing wireless belts that do look pretty similar to the ursa straps which I personally like very much. Produced in Italy. I'll write about it, once I have some of them in my hands! Oscar
  8. I measured the cs-1e it is actually a bit smaller than 19mm. 18 and a half mm it seems... I gues that's the reason why it doesn't fit well. I don't know If I want to start using tape on my new mic. But the Inv-lite super lever mechanism only does a little tightening in your case, right? I mean it's hardly visible or did I get a faulty example? thanks for sharing your thoughts! Oscar
  9. I just tried the Inv-lite 19 with Sanken CS-1e and found it not really fitting together. The Sankens diameter is a bit too small. That makes some noise when quickly turning the mik. could be fixed with some tape probably but I guess that's not the idea? tha "cam-lever clamp" mechanism seems a bit mysterious to me as it doesn't really tighten enough. Or did I get a faulty one? I gues I'll just send back mine...
  10. Did you see the new "416" windshield? http://mymic.rycote.com/products/windshield-kit-416/ I was wondering if there's more difference then have the nice, even "rf shielded" right-angle xlr connector and some colour difference compared to a WS3-Kit... Anyone knows about it?
  11. taken from:http://www.wildlife-sound.org/index.html ;-)
  12. well, I see there's a point in your questions. It's some while ago when I was working with the oldest crappiest mixers from university that I actualy missed sensitivity and suffered from pre-amp noise. but there are siuations sometime when it could be more output. I could imagine making use in the situation also where you want to use dynamic mics instead of condenser or to use the sounddevices gain-level knobs on "low" settings and therby gain a little bit of signal-noise ratio. even if it's just 3db. well I guess I should make more tests and open a new topic. my interest for the fethead was based on the following article : http://fieldrecording.de/2014/09/19/review-triton-audio-fethead-fethead-phantom-in-line-preamp/ (german only, sorry)
  13. First of all, thanks for your replies. I've never used Panamic. i guess it's more common in USA... But I'll try the WS3 Combo with the original suspension Version... by the way, have you guys ever thought of or felt need for a 18db boost? check this: http://www.tritonaudio.com/index.php?option=com_simpleshop&Itemid=30&cmd=product&product=10&catName=Pro%20Audio I am just checking one. having been skeptic of course... So far my research has seen that it really does boost around 18dB. But of course there's also noise added. But it seems the ratio is okay. so you gain a little... and on weak preamps you gain more of course then with really good ones. Seems that on sounddevices for example it makes sense... Neumann miks having more output than Sennheiser MKH's sound exciting doesn't it? If theres interest I can post more on this...
  14. First read, then write! ...;-) I found an answer myself in another thread. not very precise but it seems to be working: A picture to illustrate how it looks would be nice. What does panamic suspension mean? a modified rycote suspension or kind of a floater?
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