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  1. I see, I see... Well well! Thanks for your oppinions!
  2. ... has anyone tried it yet? It is a newly developed elecret capsule, the "KK14". It has some handy clips and gooseneck accessories that make it handy to use in a car situation, I guess. There is adapter cable's avalibale for micro dot / 3,5mm / lemo etc. Looks like it's worth a try. I guess it could be a competitor for the DPA 4099. They're all primarily targeted at instrument recording but I guess for voice they could do a great job too. here's the official page: https://en-de.neumann.com/mcm-system I am using DPA 4063 and DPA 6060 on my Zaxcom TRX's and I am happy with them placed on the actor. However in car's they sound a little but thin compared to a real condenser mic like my MKH 40/50' for example which are great sounding mic's but sometimes just too big. ( especially to mount them under the ceiling of the car) Matthias Richter posted a great comparison in his thread "recording dialog in a car - comparison test" with Schoeps mic capsules. (failing to post a link because the search mask is horrible...) So who's already using Shoeps will be probably happy with the Schoeps. But they're also quite expensive...! I would be interested in how does the connection with lemo connector straight to the transmitter work. If there's any typical zaxcom problems like interference noise and such? What does it need to be powered? Should i use a new ZMT4 which can supply 5V upt to 48V? And of course the Question: How does it sound? cheers, oscar here's the thread I refered to above from Matthias Richter: https://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/37821-recording-dialog-in-a-car-comparison-test/#comment-384566
  3. 2.18T does work. The steps between the gain changes are still audible but the weird pumping thing is gone. thanks craig!
  4. I can confirm having that problem too. That makes me just avoid using zaxgain during a scene or I carefully choose a moment in between words because lowering the gain, during a shouting scene for example, is not a good idea. I was using the digital gain of my nomads aes inputs instead and found a medium-compromise trx gain as the way how to deal with this issue. I'd be interested to try out that fw version to see if that makes a big difference... I guess the "2.18T" fw is not on the zaxcom website? I also had issues with shooting in a club. I was using an MKH40 on the boom. High gain settings above 30 sounded a bit hot but kind of okay. lower settings made the sound go on and of as if it was a really weird gating effect. I did change my dynamics settings afterwards and haven't shot a similar scene like that again. So I can't really tell if the dynamics settings might have solved it as well?
  5. I tried rolling back to 1.32 but nothing changed. still unreliable. here's a video (temporary link) where you can see the problem, live: https://we.tl/t-byg7cVQhdJ
  6. Thanks for the input. howy from zaxcom advised to use the latest firmware. I only did one update of the 414 module to 1.98M (that was 1.97 before) I have the 1.32 (no p) from the Oldversions folder from the zaxcom site. Will try it out this weekend… here is a link to the video where the problem is visible, by the way: https://we.tl/t-SfvE7LOiPI
  7. seems like nobody tried it out yet? the wiring of the cable to get the four channels out (preferably AES) is another topic… Right now I just want to get two channels out of my RX12 from the 414 module. As I said. Just 3 x 212 modules works just fine without any problems…
  8. Hi there, i've been having problems with integrating a new 414 module into the RX12. Basically, as soon as the 414 is in the RX12, I get weird drop outs on the other 3 x 212 Receivers. That's probably due to power interruptions of the modules or other software related issues. I got in touch with Howie from Zaxcom through Ambient here in germany and I have tried it out to get into the debug mode, following Howy's advise, which unfortunately didn't solve the problem, yet. Also updating everything to the latest firmware (2.10 on the RX12) and 1.98M on the 414 and 4.13P on the 212's didn't change anything. I tried swapping the slots around. Did a whole reset of the RX12 to the factory defaults. Don't know what else to try... Maybe anyone of you has tried to mix the receiver-module generations and has experienced anything similar? I have made the observation, that there is one phantom receiver, popping up on the flip-side - "blue page" - menu of the RX12, which is accessed by the star-button. Because the 414 can output 4 mono-channels it should probably have one other receiver popping up on the bluepage. But 2 slots/4ch is too much since it already has 1 slot/2ch on the normal/non-blue page... eventually there's even a third one popping up for a second. Thanks for reading and maybe somebody out there has had similar problems and found a solution already? Oscar
  9. Actually, so far my investigations lead to the conclusion that all my 16 gig cards from Transcend (x133) and Sandisk are affected. Some of them would say they can't work just after a while. Or the whole mirroring process starts from new after rebooting the nomad. Quite annoying because I have a ot of 16 gig cards! I am talking of problems with a Nomad 12, FW 8.05 and CF memory cards both by Transcend and Sandisk...
  10. It seems to be an old topic, but I've had issues recently with FW 8.05 on the nomad, not accepting some of my Transcend 16 and 32 gig cards. It seems that in previous Firmware Versions this wasn't the issue. probably since you can alter your metadata after the file has been mirrored the nomad has become more picky. Has anybody some information on that?
  11. Has anyone tested the tac!t cable with the 8060 in combination with zaxcom wirelss plug-on transmitter on the boom? I am asking because the rycote support wrote, that rf-noise depends also very much on the combination of mic+cable etc.. here's a partly quote from the mail I got: Tac!T should be relatively immune to RFI.It uses a true balanced amplifier and capacitive/inductive filters to minimise any RF entering and exiting the unit; however, it is an active device, and in extreme RF fields (e.g. an area with several active mobile phones) it may be impossible to prevent some interference.Sensitivity to RFI is strongly connected with both the microphone and the pre-amplifier it connects to, and you might find that using a different preamp or mic resolves any issues entirely.
  12. seems like an old thread, but an evergreen topic! soft lyres, placed quite close to each other seems to be pretty efficient for the 8050. And the rycote baseball for no swing sound. That's a new thing that wasn't there when the thread was started. I am curious about the Tac!t cabble though... enjoy christmas! Oscar
  13. I see, it's also mentioned here. well, that shouldn't hold me back as long the usb switch is a proper switch and not some kind of usb hub...
  14. But they do have usb a connectors, don't they? Do they have a special pin assignment? Edit: this is what you're talking about, right?
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