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  1. gorgeous. I love the stand-up workstation idea. Innovativ makes the cleverest and priciest carts and cart gak. thanks for sharing the pics. cheers. kathryn
  2. Thanks! Very helpful. I am curious what objections you have to USB charging.
  3. Was about to ask for charger recommendations for the LADDA 2450s. Ikea sells their own charger but it's pretty basic, and seems to take longer than it should to charge. The ISDT looks great -- I like to have a visual reference!
  4. I purchased a USB Bluetooth audio transmitter that delivers Bluetooth 5.0 to my 2012 MacBook Pro that only has Bluetooth 4.0, resulting in better fidelity as well as range. The problem with the AirPods is they don't support all the other BT codecs -- only SBC. Also, fidelity drops down to 8-bit when using both the mic and the speaker at the same time, for instance on a Zoom call on my MacBook Pro (whether using the adapter or not). So for calls where I want to use my AirPods as the mic, I use internal sound output (usually hardwired to an aux speaker). Sometimes I want sound out to the AirPods, in which case I use the laptop's mic. BT connectivity with the dongle and the AirPods has been a bit dodgy though. I am thinking of buying BT earbuds that support the other codecs (APTx). https://us.creative.com/p/audio-enthusiasts/creative-bt-w3
  5. I'm mixing a short film for a director who owns this camera (discontinued 8K beast from 2012). The audio and TC is all very straightforward. But in a discussion about hops and backup recording, he messaged me: "I'm seeing that the F65 takes 16 channels of embedded audio through an aux sdi input. Does that help you at all?" I'm not sure what this even means: is there a breakout box or converter that would convert my ISOs and send them to camera? Or is this via AES? The SDI aux input is BNC. Here are images from the F65 manual. Thanks to the brain trust!
  6. let me know what you find out (in LA). I have a biz card somewhere, will hunt for that.
  7. following! but are you also posting at the Sound Devices Facebook groups? There's a Mixpre 10T group, and a MixPre users group, and the official Sound Devices group. cheers kat
  8. Try hitting the <Record> button on the fly, while recording. I think that drops markers or creates a new file or cue point. be well kathryn k
  9. Anyone here using RRC Power Solutions in the bag who can share intel? Looking for lightweight, cost effective alternatives to IDX/NP & Audioroot/HiQ https://www.locationsound.com/rrc-power-solutions-rrc2054-rechargeable-standard-li-ion-smart-battery-pack-3200mah-4817
  10. Hah! I thought it meant “light” for backlight version, but who am I to question Mr Fisher. Cheers kathryn
  11. I PM'd. Also just wanna say hello to you all - cheers Kathryn Korniloff
  12. I like my Bose Color SoundLink, which I picked up at Best Buy while on location 3 years ago -- sounds good, reliable, has aux input, indestructible, waterproof, small enough to carry in a backpack. Mine is holding its charge for shorter periods now, but I'd probably get another one when this one dies. Hope this helps.
  13. Makes sense, both Joe & David - Thanks for the excellent info, such a great group.
  14. Hi Joe, curious if you do a lot of work in hospitals whether you run into any issues with using wireless? I'm about to shoot something in a hospital and our team (producers) assumes we will not be able to use wireless mics due to concerns about interfering with any frequencies that may or may not be at work within the environment, like for hospital machinery. It's a maternity ward, not a radiology lab. What experiences can you share in this regard? Thanks! kat
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