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  1. Anyone here using RRC Power Solutions in the bag who can share intel? Looking for lightweight, cost effective alternatives to IDX/NP & Audioroot/HiQ https://www.locationsound.com/rrc-power-solutions-rrc2054-rechargeable-standard-li-ion-smart-battery-pack-3200mah-4817
  2. Hah! I thought it meant “light” for backlight version, but who am I to question Mr Fisher. Cheers kathryn
  3. I PM'd. Also just wanna say hello to you all - cheers Kathryn Korniloff
  4. I like my Bose Color SoundLink, which I picked up at Best Buy while on location 3 years ago -- sounds good, reliable, has aux input, indestructible, waterproof, small enough to carry in a backpack. Mine is holding its charge for shorter periods now, but I'd probably get another one when this one dies. Hope this helps.
  5. Makes sense, both Joe & David - Thanks for the excellent info, such a great group.
  6. Hi Joe, curious if you do a lot of work in hospitals whether you run into any issues with using wireless? I'm about to shoot something in a hospital and our team (producers) assumes we will not be able to use wireless mics due to concerns about interfering with any frequencies that may or may not be at work within the environment, like for hospital machinery. It's a maternity ward, not a radiology lab. What experiences can you share in this regard? Thanks! kat
  7. I just recorded my first vocal session using the MixPre 10T on my Macbook Pro. Used a USB hub and all went well. Very happy with the sound of the pre's and limiters. ~kathryn/sonicfruit
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