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    Soundmixer since 1998. Started in the DC Market. I'm now based in New York City as a DP but still enjoy sound work if its the right project. I have worked on most kinds of productions, small to large. HBO, National Geographic, Discovery, OWN are just a few of the places you can see & hear my work.
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  1. I just wrapped a project involving the Arri Amira Camera with Zaxcom QRX200, QRX235 and the wideband transmitters. I was not happy with the Zaxcom units at first thinking they were not as good as the old units then i was quick to realize that the issue was with the Arri Amira Camera! The camera puts out a ton of RF energy and desensitized all my receivers and my sound persons units. I was wondering if others have had this same experience. I have been digging around for some white papers but have not found any. If any of the sound shops want to borrow my arri amira to create one feel
  2. What timecode boxes do you guys recommend for the Arri Mini (and amira)? I have tried them all and hear lots of negative feed back from the small guys not being having reliability to the big ones being heavy. Would love to hear the groups take on whats actually working and something that doesn't add to the already present set anxiety. Thanks!!
  3. what kind of connector is this? does a cable come with the camera by chance?
  4. What are the cables you guys recommend for the Arri Mini? what cables would provide the most flexibility for the sound team when I show up to set as an operator with this camera? How many channels can the camera handle in Analog and in Digital (is digital possible?)
  5. I know you can't monitor on the Arri Mini but are there workarounds? I hear that the SmallHD 502 Monitor has a headphone output and can take audio from the HD-SDI video output but I have not tried this yet... anyone with experience relating to this?
  6. Do you guys have pictures of some of the wireless receiver mounts mentioned above. Thanks!
  7. Personal gear never rented out to strangers. Cared for by sound devices and Vark Audio. Hoping to get $6000 - 7000 Jimmy Peterson
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