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  1. thanks for the replys! the mics are all fine and the transmitters/receivers are good - cannot recreate the problem with mic inputs 1-3 with the same gear.. the limiter settings seems to have no effect when changed the same noise occurs - at the moment its on across all isos on hard knee at 18dbu but have played around with dropping the limiters down, using soft knee etc same noise.. its happening at the isos - that file i uploaded is the input 4 iso raw if anyone else drives their 4-6 gains up do you get the same noise? even when the trim is at +8 or +6 wherever it is, whenever these inputs peak/clip/get close to clipping this noise occurs
  2. Hey there, Just wanted to confirm if this is normal and happening to everyone else - ive been using two ucr411 and one lr into inputs 4-6 of my 633 and they are all set at +5 coming in - getting normal level on the transmitters - not hitting red - but when i turn the gain up on the inputs 4-6 to get a good signal (will be pretty high almost highest at +16 or less if possible usually at around +12 - +14 though) on the peaks i get this unusuable clipping sound like someones blowing into the mic? Is this normal for a line input ? should i be playing it less hot ? but then less signal/noise ? have attached recording sample for input 4 - but its the same across the 5 and 6.. Cheers, Joe input4clip.wav
  3. yeh theyre great - using them for hops and cans - good so far - comparable to comteks
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  5. How are the pre's in that? comparable to sd pre's?? - looking for good backup recorder
  6. my first-ish follow cart - stanley trolley mod - two shelves welded on
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