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  1. Stillweii

    Creeky Floor

    Solid ol binary technician expectations! Usually placing sandbags/buckets of water around the area that squeak the most. Weighing down the floor takes away the noise made by the friction going down since it is already at its lowest point. Talent safety comes up in walking scenes , so if I run into that I just ask for a close up or work with camera on blocking changes . Depends on each different day. On Amadeus inside the huge castles, pig troughs were ordered and filled with water to weigh down the long wooden floors out of shot. On the relationship side it's either we come up with good solutions to move the production along in a creatively positive manner and gain respect or just deal with the bs for the day.
  2. UCR has been a tiny bit stronger in range when talent was in a car a block away in Long Island. I always mix it in with the bag when renting . Best results would be your test in the environments your anticipating. I'm just an idiot on the internet you shouldn't trust to shape your future .
  3. Stillweii

    MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    Normal and recommended by Lectro. RTM's Most important part your day:
  4. Stillweii

    MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    Running a 633 w / Lectro Ssm's and LR's in NYC. considering mix pre 3/6 + zaxcom qrx235 + ifb to create a lightweight backpack kit for corporate/simple sit downs. sometimes the most annoying part of the day is dragging a 30-50lb pelican around / security checks on it.
  5. Stillweii

    How important is a sound mixer?

    Its important to answer your own questions on this. The answers you find within will shape how you deal with this in the future. Eventually the experiences that add up will allow you to tell them how you do your job. They thank you later when the job is done overly well... or they are schmucks you should let sit in the schmuck pile with all the other schmucks.
  6. Stillweii

    May Day and the 8 Hour Workday

    We should all be pushing for better standards with every new deal we make with new clients. Saying no to bad deals only has led me to jobs where I have met people and been a part of projects I would have never imagined to have under my belt in life. ….no one knows I'm substitute teaching or a union carpentry apprentice when I say no to their bad deals. We all have the ability to work hard and shape our future to be the better version of what we want. I do not want to be 40/50 years old surrounding myself with people who pay / treat me like crap. In NYC i only pass my jobs onto my fellow younger friends only if they agree with this mentality. Keep being a kickass voice of the labor movement CrewC!
  7. Stillweii

    sound devices 633 inputs 4-6

    Shouldn't be a problem as long as the signal/noise is good. The machine isn't supposed to do all the work for us. Thats for the AI swiss made robot in the future who takes all our jobs or we keep in storage and rent to productions.
  8. Skateboarders have been tapping into this for about 8 years now. SO many spots to skate without being hassled. Theres even taxi cab drivers who know the skate spots and will show teams around. SO MUCH MARBLE! The guy in the video also suggest China doesn't care about anything when they're now the #1 solar power. Otherwise I think one of the great things that makes us human is mistakes. Smart people look at the mistakes of others as opportunities and fix them. Cynics sit on youtube with a bad mic and point out mistakes of what others who do. Give it 20 years until a new generation sees it as something fun.
  9. Stillweii

    Neurotic naysayer primadonna soundies

    Have the camera man get some B-roll of the jackhammers to have it make sense. Mentally staying on your toes is the best we can do along with the right gear package designed for previous experiences with your client. Otherwise those moments can be really fun.
  10. Just be a good mixer, let them pass on you and hope the guy the get for the budget is annoying/blows it. Theres bigger fish in the sea for you if your reaching this point in your career.
  11. Stillweii

    Lectro firmware update?

    The manual for the LT says you need a windows machine. Manuals = great shitter material
  12. Stillweii

    live facebook shooting

    Been using the Sescom 1' iPhone / iPod / iPad TRRS to XLR Mic & 3.5mm Monitoring Jack Cable for Facebook live jobs . mkh50->SD633-> xlr out to iPhone Funny having to wear two sets of headphones to monitor the actual feed and the mixer seperatly
  13. Stillweii

    Lectrosonics SSM Info

    Great tool. used it on a 8 mile run documentary. Runner loved it in the running pocket and was sweating purfusely. used it in a car visor held in with fashion tape. No bulk to create a visual cue something is up there. The battery life is awesome. Minimal heat, if say "warmth" at max if on someone tightly for a bit. One note is when the older series of battery got close to the 6 hour mark, audio quality did drop for me. Popped a fresh one in and everything was a go. (First version of batteries) they are now my go to transmitters and if there is any need beyond its normal use for me transmitter wise, I pack additional according to the job .
  14. Stillweii

    Filming in a car with the windows down.

    None of use will be on your set to point out what exactly you can do . It's a low budget indie, get creative, do some problem solving , and learn some new experiences. also Google searching topics + jwsound gets quicker answers for critical thinking on locations . im putting a beer on your tab if I ever see you in real life. (Please adopt this across all JW for future non researched posts)
  15. Stillweii

    Red Scarlet timecode jam

    Was the cable outputting in the right direction? There was no specification whether your timecode cable was a one way or two way street.