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  1. Love how all the $$ makers are scheming/dreaming on how to get us back to work . The articles coming out this week are stating they want to quarantine crew in hotels 2 weeks before shooting with all amenities being offered in a hotel as if it was work.......maybe if it was 3x for every hour I'm not home. Most people do not know they have health conditions at the time that lowers their immune system to become susceptible to COVID-19. I do not want to see any colleagues even be at risk. https://variety.com/2020/biz/news/production-plan-coronavirus-1234589286/
  2. Thinking productions will not even start until a rapid test / vaccine / cure comes about . Even if things start up early I would push for double booming until safety is guaranteed for all.
  3. Documentary / BTS rig . Input 2 for talent / 2nd boom.
  4. 100% normal . overly communicate every step of the hands . Next option is instruct the person how to do it facing away from you . Next option is wardrobe does it . Third option is female crew member assist . Not hard or takes cajones. It’s the job . Dpa 4063 I’ll use on an Indie film and not boom. . Had a Sanken cos-11d in a scarf in Times Square almost eliminate all bkg noise after post . Lavs rule , booms rule , every situation is different . Gear don’t matter , but our brains do . Positive thinking usually delivers surprising results .
  5. There is a calibration setting in the system settings. Check the PFL for the trim level? I've had the menu be at lower levels than the physical wheel after an update once. My trim is usually set to 5/8's way through to have the gain knobs be at the level I thought appropriate for my work. Made me think a similar thought once.
  6. The saying " I'm sorry, but your budget does not meet your equipment and labor expectations." Helps me tons. As a sound mixer I either get the budget to accomplish the task or sit home and know I'm not going to have a headache because someone trying to save money is disappointed and will act unprofessional. If it is a professional office that needs a professional video; there should be professional budget. Startups will pay you low then sell the company for millions and forget about you. While somehow having "Team building trips" at resorts or wasteful keeping up with t
  7. Always sync and change batteries at lunch. Check after battery changes to make sure it wasn't a full reboot and after variable frame rates. To not, is to leave room for error and wasted time later. RTM for specific cameras TC descriptions for your own personal peace of mind.
  8. Previous experience as a sound mixer for 10 years with Arri's before getting a lockit / using them. - Jam in the AM - Check TC every battery swap because I enjoy knowing its OK ( with mixer in hand ready to jam again) - Never had an experience where it changed, only from full reboots. - Jam after lunch Talk to AC's and monitor shot list for variable frame rates. Arri's TC is rock solid. Its up to you/me/us to monitor and be the perfectionist to keep getting hired. If there is no budget for Lockits , there is room for error and that is underst
  9. Very cool. ive been pondering something similar but in terms of surveillance . With gravity bending light in space , light might be only able to travel so far without bending back around . Imagine a future where we can look back at earth a la google maps and see light movement of history . Colonial Britain , ancient Asia , dinosaur era all holographic in substance , but we are able to see actual events as they played out via telescope . Technically every thing that we do outside now could possibly be seen by our future ancestors.
  10. Hi All! Having an art show / video premier Saturday 5/18 night in Tokyo and Wednesday 5/22 in Kobe . Free beer for Tokyo opening night . I’m around skateboarding until the 29th if any sound folks would like to nomimasho. Thank you for your time ! Line ID: stillweii
  11. Stillweii

    Wireless GO

    If your a good archer this is not an issue . Just say no to lower end jobs and let them enjoy the prosumer mistakes, then they will come back with the budget you want . Be the pro to set the pace . Anxiety can wait.
  12. Sounds like you know what to do in case the wireless route doesn’t work . I’d check my scan on block 19 before deciding .
  13. Solid knowledge. Meant skateboarding is so loud, a semi crappy camera itself sounded pretty true to what you hear as a skateboarder I guess. People enjoy picasso , some people enjoy clip art . Who am I to say? It is fun, which is the core of skateboarding. i would consider all factors high production value and true to the audio values of being in the experience for the editor to choose .
  14. Skateboarder here of 18 years The signal to noise ratio of skateboarding was perfect for the VX1000 microphones build. Very sounds how it looks. The sony vx1000 is the Nagra of skateboarding world. In the skateboard industry it is all instagram and HD video as the norm for sponsorship and media consumption starting around 2015. To put in scope about how sought after and nostalgia driven the market behind the VX1000 is, I will point you in the direction of Spirit Quest , made by Colin Read. He made the skateboard video linked below and it blew up, got him a directi
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