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  1. I'm curious about this. My unit is SN10002 (unit number 2 basically). Haven't tried using the TX yet but I might.
  2. Punch ins are done all the time in music still, especially is there is a natural break. Studio time costs a lot of money, and editing takes a lot of time. If you've got a perfect take up to a certain point and there is a great punch-in spot, take advantage and save on studio and editing time. Now, that being said, I am currently mixing an album where we had just a few punch ins in the studio where we tracked drums, bass, primary rhythm guitar, C3, and Rhodes, and those all sound great. But then I left tracking additional guitars, vocals, and electronic keys to the band in their studio and there are a number of poorly timed punch-ins to fox and the shear number of takes is staggering. Both require a lot of editing on my part. I asked them to edit tracks down to single takes, but that was too complicated for them. There are pitfalls to both methods...
  3. Use a computer for that. Any job you might want that ability on you'd probably be tracking to Pro Tools or similar, anyway. When camera is involved, they just want an entirely new take to be edited later, since they have to edit the video as well.
  4. Thanks, Jose. I'll definitely be converting in computer. I'll try the above method and if it sounds weird I'll just check in mono.
  5. Thanks! Almost bought the Soundfield, but decided I just don't do enough of that work to justify the cost. Guess I'll find out if the Ambeo is worth it...
  6. I have a job coming up that would like Ambisonic recordings of various environments so I'm picking up the new Sennheiser Ambeo VR. It isn't really a big source of income for me so I feel the Ambeo is in the right price range, plus I've always been intrigued with the the technology, so I decided to just buy the thing instead of renting. Question regarding monitoring in real time: So... What's up with that thing I just said? Really though, is there a way prior to converting to B-format in the computer to listen in real time to just a stereo representation of what I'm capturing? Perhaps sending a couple capsules to L and the other pair to R? Or is it just a matter of selecting a capsule one at a time for a mono check? I'll be using my Maxx for recording. Thanks.
  7. Same issues here. I probably need to send them in. What's the turnaround time for updates?
  8. According to their Facebook page they ship them individually. After delivery they are about the same as the Orcart.
  9. Who's using the Bebop Bag Sound Cart? Similar to Orcart, but a little different. Looks tougher. Also the trolly is removable which means you can replace it with bigger pneumatic wheels.
  10. This was as light as a c-stand, which is obviously not as light as my go-to MERF stand, but not too heavy at all. I can see leaving this in my car. Think I'll get one and report back.
  11. I actually like those *except* that the base is spring loaded. I wish they made exactly that without the spring base. Thanks, Philip! Maybe I'll just get it. If it causes any grief I'm sure a local grip will buy it off me. Hmm... I don't care for the merging of replies.
  12. Interesting. The unit I'm referring to breaks down quite small, though it would be better if the wheels were quick-release.
  13. Ha! Well that isn't it, but not bad.
  14. Anyone use the Avenger A5017 for boom pole? It's frequently used for client monitor. I get highly annoyed with how a C-Stand packs. Legs aren't super wide, but with a light pole and a sand bag it should be plenty sturdy. Plus wheels!
  15. My old Stingray is falling apart. Unfortunately the version I have is the original prototype and they don't actually make a bag like this, which is too bad. I'm curious if people are using the 601 or Eargonizer Small with the Maxx or 633 and how you feel it compares to the Stingray Small or OR-32. I like that externally it's a little shorter in height and depth, though it is a little wider. Thanks.
  16. Hmm... I'm curious why Lectrosonics says it cannot be performed in the field. Whitney, have you tried this with the SRc?
  17. This is what I figured, but I thought I recalled seeing what looked like a USB port on some of the units.
  18. I'm wondering how to update firmware on the SRc as well as the LT. Thanks.
  19. Looking for replacement foam or pads for these headphones. Something maybe a little thicker or stronger than the stock foam. Thanks!
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