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  1. I am trying the new audio limeted A10 transmitter but when i put It with my Neumann 82I It makes a very loud hiss like an white noise. Does anyone knows anything about It? Maybe It need some filter. When i go back to my old sennheiser plug on transmitter It works perfectly. Even when i just put the microphone close to the transmitter It cause the same interference.
  2. Hello everyone i've been using the sennheiser ek 6042 with the sk6000 transmitters for the past two years and they sounds great, but i have a problem to put them in line level. It always sounds to low when i use them into my line inputs on sound devices 664. Any tip or consideration about this?
  3. Hello everybody i've recently adquire 2 sennheiser EK 6042 with the SK600 transmitters. They are impressive in terms of sound quality, but i am facing some problems about the range when i have an actor far from my receivers or with many obstacles. Does anyone ar more experient with digital transmission? What can i do to improve the range with confidence? Best Pedro
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