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  1. junction

    Booming a quiet to loud scene

    Thanks again for all the replies, I like the idea of splitting the mic over two tracks. Unfortunately I was booming this scene also so the mixing of the gain and fader wasn't an option but good to know for when i have a boom op and can concentrate on the mix.
  2. junction

    Booming a quiet to loud scene

    Thanks for the replies. I was using a sd 633 and a 416. Setting the gain low i felt i was under recording the whispers. I opted for setting a good level and moving the boom away from the talent when it went very loud. I thought id ask to see what the ideal technique is for future reference.
  3. Hi Guys, New on here and new enough to location recording I hope you can help me out here. At the weekend i was shooting a scene where the talent was almost whispering and eventually went onto screaming. Just wondering what the best way is to record this. Is it a case of setting low levels to avoid clipping or pull back the boom? Thanks