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    I'm a boom operator since 1993 in Los Angeles, and in Local 695 since 1996. I work primarily on network and cable TV series, and I also work on features and commercials.
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  1. Oh, and I did a series with Devendra last year, which was set in a bar in Manhattan, and that guy is on fire - so smart and on top of his game. EXCELLENT mixer, very impressed. I look forward to doing more projects with Devendra!
  2. Wow, I didn't realize people were replying to this topic! I need to fix my notifications! Thank you all for your kind words, I really am just following love and looking for new adventures - I'm from Los Angeles, and I've been a boom operator since I was 19! So this is a big stir of the pot, and I look forward to the challenges ahead - they will be new ones for me. I am bringing my truck, it seems like it will come in handy, but I am primarily a bicycle commuter, and I save the truck for occasional use, so some way to protect and store it might be handy. Williamsburg doesn't seem as crazy as the city, but I haven't tried parking a car there yet! My status currently is that I'm working on the NBC comedy About a Boy with Von Varga in Los Angeles until March, then doing the full move to NY. Then shaking the tree and getting to know as many decent sound guys as I can so I can so hopefully I can land a series or feature there. I may return for a few weeks here and there to LA, because all of my family and most of my friends are here, as well as so many great sound mixer and boom operator friends I can help out a bit (ok, I need 6 weeks a year to fulfill the hours requirement for 695). I also want to add that I've worked a number of projects with Paul and Don, and I've always enjoyed the experience. Thank you guys!
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum, and looking for advice and leads. I've been a union boom operator in Los Angeles since 1996, and have done just fine. I have no problem getting on a series or two each fall, the last really successful TV series I did was House MD, and a series I just worked on (About a Boy) is getting a second season starting this fall. I really do not need to go to NY to work, however, I met a girl at Burning Man, and not really expecting much, it turned into something special. And now we want to live together, but she's just launching her career as a photographer in NY, and she does not want to move to LA, so I've decided to try my fortune in NY. I am not competitive and I only want to add to the experienced labor pool and complement the talent already there. If anyone has any leads, advice, help in getting in the union, etc, send them my way. You can look me up on IMDB, I have plenty of experience to work on any network or cable TV series, or feature. I would like to get to know the busiest, best mixers and boom operators and offer my services. I have a resume with references I can send as well, and a place to stay in Williamsburg. Thank you all.
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