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    We manufacture bags and accessories for sound professionals.
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  1. Please checkout our OR-60 accessory case. We originally thought that this case would be used primarily for lights. But we had a few users comment on how well this case has been working for carrying sound equipment - including attaching a boom pole to the front of the case. The case is very lightweight but quite strong. The internal rigid aluminum and honeycomb frame will keep all your gear safe inside. This case can also be attached to the OR-70 trolley for easy transport. http://www.orcabags.com/product/orca-light-case/ We are open to thoughts and comments. Thanks Orca Bags
  2. Sorry for the confusion. will will be posting the winners on our facebook page and we will also be notifying winners by personal email as well. So all you need to do is register. And we will take care of the rest. We will be giving away three prizes every week for 4 weeks. Register early any you will be eligible for all 4 lotteries. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!
  3. We are having a big year end giveaway. No purchase is necessary. Just enter here: http://www.orcabags.com/checkout/sound-landing-page/ And like us on facebook to see if you win. https://www.facebook.com/OrcaBag/posts/1660850390808603?notif_t=notify_me
  4. here are some images of the 788 with CL8 in the OR41
  5. Edward What else are you keeping in your bag? Are other 664 users feeling the same about the 34? Or are you liking the size of the 32?
  6. So what size are you ideally looking for? So perhaps 12" wide by what size?
  7. Now that the bags have begun shipping and several of you now have the bags, or have seen them we are looking for any and all feedback from you guys. Which bags are you getting or thinking to get for which gear (what recorder, how many wireless, etc)? How is the size of the bag? Is it too roomy? Or is it too tight? Too tall? Too short? How is the build quality? Choice of material? We are always open to feedback because your opinion counts, after all you are the ones who have to work with our products. And we want to supply you with the best possible bag that we can. Thanks.
  8. Here is Dean Miles testing our bag and harness on a shoot in Guatemala.
  9. Chris Can you please elaborate on this.
  10. Hi again here are a few other items we have in development for our bag line. Please keep in mind that these are still working prototypes and we are still fine tuning and making changes. Please feel free to give any feed back you may have to help us improve our products to make you life better. Below are images of our OR-35 Rain cover and our OR-36 travel cover which ws designed to keep rain, snow, dust and dirt off your bag and gear when you are on traveling. Thanks
  11. Hi all - we have been making great strides with our bags and harness and we think that you will be quite pleased with the final product. In the mean time we have added a new waist belt that can be used with virtually any bag. Here are a few photos, I know that its hard to tell exactly how good the belt is with just a photo, but we would appreciate any feed back you may have.
  12. Also we have gotten a lot of feedback from sound people looking for a waist belt. Due to the popularity of this request we will also be offering a waist belt option for all our bags.
  13. We are adding a case for the Zaxcom ERX's to our line up. We are expecting to be shipping these in the beginning of August and we expect the retail price to be less than $15 US. We are also looking for feed back on the design of the case since we are still making minor changes to it. Here are photos of the prototype.
  14. Check link out as well: http://thelocationcrew.com/blog/orca-mixer-bag-and-harness/ This is a video that was shot at NAB:
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