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  1. Just made a little video comparing a CS-M1 and a Neumann km185 in my studio. Not entirely scientific but I found it interesting!
  2. Also, turn your headphone volume down...
  3. Following. Anyone? Love this form factor, compared to the alternatives.
  4. UPDATE - The problem I was having was NOT related to the CS-M1. It's a known firmware bug in 633 v4.61!!
  5. I'll dig up a sample asap. I went into Trew a few weeks back and we easily recreated the capsule distortion with new units and alternate mixer/recorders. Determined that it was not specific to my particular microphone. Just get loud with it and compare the results with your other mics. I personally think the SPL limits are not what they claim to be, but I don't really have any idea of how I can test that accurately. Adam
  6. I tested my mic against another unit. Same level of sensitivity to capsule overload. Happens at any gain level and regardless of preamp. Sort of disappointing because it really means I can’t count on it in very loud/dynamic situations, eg even a seated interview with a loud laugher! I would love to hear some other testers chime in on the subject. Best Adam
  7. My microphone isn't performing to this specification. Like @Kisaha I have been experiencing a fair amount of clipping at the microphone as well. Virtually anytime I get a good yell, laugh, whatever. It's not a gain staging problem. I use the 633 and I don't even know how to clip this recorder if you have limiters on. It's the mic. I'll be reaching out to a Sanken rep in the new year to investigate (and testing at length with some other hardware)...
  8. Winter in Toronto is cold. If my audio bag can warm my jacket and gloves, I say, bonus!
  9. @jason porter curious about how your skydive audio turned out! Cheers Adam
  10. Now that's a hack! Thanks @LarryF!!
  11. I'm sure many of you accumulate partly discharged AA lithiums. What is the most accurate way to measure their remaining life? Right now I've got this: - a voltmeter? I gather that it's not a great measure unless their under a load - a Pulse-load battery tester. There's no spot on there for lithiums and this guy says it's inaccurate because of the flat discharge graph. - Stick them in a Lectrosonics SMQV transmitter, and look at the battery readout on the receiver, either the voltage or the lithium setting. I don't own a single battery (smv) transmitter so it's not isolating a single battery either way. Any other hacks that are more helpful? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey! Thanks everyone for your responses. It's currently in the Sennheiser shop and I think it's getting a new pcb, at a cost of around $350. I will be calling them next week to get the full story.
  13. So - do you guys see good value in the Cinela Cosi ($529) for this mic, at 4x the price of the rycote softie kit ($129)? How severe do the conditions need to be for you wish you had the Cosi? Has anyone had both out in the field for comparison? Cheers Adam
  14. Another update: The mic that was misbehaving last summer, squealing and what not, has been malfunctioning now in humid environments. And I'm not talking jungles, but a rainy days in Toronto. The noise floor comes up and things get crackly etc. Seems to clear once the air dries it out again. Do we have any KM185 users here that can speak to its "tropical" performance? Is another repair/cleaning in order or is failure expected in humidity for this microphone? AW
  15. Anyone using this adapter for use with Lectro HMa that can give a quick review? Just weighing options re: mounting a transmitter top vs. bottom. Would rather not have to buy a new pole entirely to make this work. Was hoping the K-TEK squid would work at the base but it's not big enough to wrap around the pole bottom and HMa AW
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