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  1. So in reference to using a timecode box with both Timecode and genlock output, there isn’t much point in plugging up the genlock into the camera if you’ve not got a genlock input on your mixer?
  2. It's important to also have the internal clock of FS7 very similar to the timecode clock, if they're also using the 'slo-mo' mode on their cameras, since the slo-mo option uses the internal clock as reference not the timecode. This then is dangerous in post because you can have two video files with the same timecode.....
  3. Hi Ian How do you clean the pole? Do you use any lotions or potions? Reg
  4. Thanks for the replies - I'm just putting it down to one of those things!!
  5. On a shoot with FS7 at the moment. Timecode via bnc fed from Ambient Lockit Box. Drift from fs7 of a few seconds in afternoon possibly after battery change. Didn’t think this should happen if fed continuous TC from lockit? Cam on preset and freerun and accepts Timecode when rejammed. Anyone else have any issues with this please? Using 688 to jam lockit thanks
  6. I'm a fan of the Electro Voice RE50. Not used the rode to be honest
  7. Reg

    SQN 5S / 4S Bags

    Hi all Just struggling on trying to update SQN 5S bag (currently old tatty porta brace soft shell). Was looking at getting a bag with a solid frame to also hold 2-4 wireless. Any SQN users out there using one that works well for them?
  8. My mix track is almost always used as the final mix, unless there's any issues. I think that's how it should be!
  9. Offer some chocolates as a bribe to the director to shoot "similar sized" shots simultaneously!
  10. Are they recorded onto the same track without isos? Probably not
  11. Great product works like a charm!!
  12. Just out of curiosity, what kind of length takes are you talking about for sub frame drifts?
  13. Am awaiting a response from Soundcraft (Harman), hopefully soon! Good shout about a bench tech
  14. Hi Philip yes I've got a copy of this manual, and have taken the front panel off to try adjusting tone level sensitivity, and L&R sensitivity, but to no avail. The tone level changes even when pressing the illumination button on/off?! I'm guessing there's a problem in the internal power circuit somewhere. Thanks for the link though!
  15. No experience of 55B/66B, but have used ECM-77B pretty extensively and is a very good lav mic option. Not quite the same detail in high-end as the Cos11 but an excellent choice
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