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  1. Was trying to rename a track on my 788 and it didn't copy over to change anything. I press HDD. Edit. Change the Take #, Press Tone to Confirm, then it changes when I go back to the main HDD screen but when I into the CF card the name is the old name.
  2. Hey guys, my 411a is draining 9vs very quickly. Lithiums are lasting two hours. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this before? Probably best to send it off to lectro?
  3. Trying to troubleshoot an issue I am having. When I turn on my Marshall monitor I am getting RF hits on my Lectro srb recievers. 664 and Lectros are powered on NP1s and Marshall is wall power. Moving the monitor lower on my cart so it's beneath a metal housing seems to help but doesn't completely solve the issue. Any ideas? Cheers!
  4. Hey there, I am thinking of getting a UFM230L so that I can use a Lectro 4 way passive rf splitter without losing gain. I was just wondering what my powering options would be. I would want to put the UFM230L near the antenna. Would it be possible to use 9vs? Cheers
  5. echo

    RF Killer

    Working on a show... Using an SSM transmitter and lectro recivers, it works fine on every actor except one. Even using a different transmitter or changing the fq doesn't stop the hits. Area is showing up fine on RF explorer.... It seems that the actor is an RF killer. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. echo

    416T Noise

    Hey Guys, I have been getting some low level interference on my 416T. It's sporadic and doesnt last long. My guess would be that it's wireless interference. Just wondering if this a good assumption and what the best way to rectify the problem is. Cheers!
  7. echo

    T-Power Adapter

    Hey Guys, I was testing some gear out today and when I tried using my MKH-416T I got no signal. I just purchased a new Rode blimp system and the cable that runs from the pistol grip to the mic seems to be the issue. 663 w/ Phantom -> Short XLR -> PSC Adapter -> XLR -> Blimp XLR -> 416T = No Signal 663 w/ Phantom -> Short XLR -> PSC Adapter -> XLR -> 416T = Signal 663 w/ Phantom -> Short XLR -> XLR -> Blimp XLR -> AKG c214 = Signal So the cable works with my phantom powered mic, just not my t-power mic. Quite stumped on this. Any help is
  8. I have a recently purchased 633 and on set today I noticed some noise. I immediately thought the issue was with the mic but it seems to be the 633. I unplugged the xlr input on channel two, and sure enough the noise was still there. It was a very intimate and whisper like scene so preamps were boosted quite a bit, roughly 3 o'clock on pre fade and just past 12 on the post fade. All three Mic inputs have this noise. Phantom is off. Noise boosts with either fader. This may be a stupid question but anyone know why this is and if this is normal?
  9. I wonder what the smell of that studio was like afterwards a haha
  10. Awesome, will check out these videos for sure!
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