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  1. mfranken

    Subframe alignment to Wav Start time

    I don't know of any built-in Pro Tools function that can do this. The only app that I know that can is the Synchro Arts app Titan. The thing is though if you're getting clips that are less than 1 frame out of sync with the guide, then I'd say that what you have conformed in PT is correct. Reason being is the NLE has slipped the WAVs out-of-sync by starting it on a frame edge during ingest. So really for this error to slip anything downstream of the NLE is not really a good fix, the issue needs to be sorted by Zaxcom and Adobe. Regards, Mark
  2. mfranken

    Conforming location sound from a EDL

    Hi Bjossi, To start I'm the creator of the application EdiLoad - just had an idea that might help you. I don't know why Premiere is doing this for you. As a work-around, and if you have access to EdiLoad, you may be able to use EdiLoad to batch update the Roll Names of the EDL that contains the correct source TCs. If you load the EDL that has the correct Roll Names, see if there's a link between the Clip Name or part of the Clip Name and Roll Name. E.g. maybe all clip names that start with A046 have a Roll Name of 015. If this is the case you could load the EDL into EdiLoad with the correct source TCs and either use the Batch Update window or Column Transfer window to update the required events to enter the correct each sound roll. See the video in the following blog post for more info on how to modify an EDL with EdiLoad: http://www.soundsinsync.com/blog/customising-an-edit-list-to-conform-location-wav-files-using-ediload Regards, Mark
  3. mfranken

    VirtualKaty and similar. Are they reliable enough?

    Fair point Constantin. I found the button to add my signature and will in future point out that I have created an application if I post regarding one of my apps. Regards, Mark
  4. mfranken

    VirtualKaty and similar. Are they reliable enough?

    There's no magic solution for this as applying the picture changes to your audio tracks will always require fixes. For example, if in the vision edit a bunch of shots are swapped during a music montage and the music isn't changed, applying the picture changes to your Pro Tools tracks will cut your tracks when they didn't need to be. The other example is in the vision edit they may have made some changes to audio clips only, like changed a couple of voice-over takes. These changes will never come across in a picture change list. Hence these extra fixes always need to be made after an automated re-conform is performed. However saying this, generally apply the picture changes to your audio tracks gets most of the work done that you would need to do. Once the changes are applied with an application the holes and edits need to be fixed and then you'd need to play down your edit tracks and compare them with the guide tracks of the new pictures to make sure they match. Also, as mentioned above, this process relies on getting good data from the picture editor(s) and setting up a work-flow to handle these changes in an efficient way. Another application to check out is EdiLoad. It not only re-conforms Pro Tools tracks for picture changes but can also conform (assemble) your location WAV files in conjunction with the Pro Tools expand tracks feature. It can also export a text file listing picture changes so you can update your session manually by inserting and deleting the required frames at a location that works with the material in your tracks. http://www.soundsinsync.com/products/ediload Regards, Mark