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    Mostly one man band gigs, both recording and post production sound.

    Main ingredients in my field kit are SD 633, SD 744T, SD mix pre, Portabrace and ORCA bags, MKH416, Oktava 012, DPA 4060 lavs,Sennheiser 2000 series and G3 wireless systems, Rycote zeppelin, K-Tek boom pole.

    My small studio in the centre of Helsinki is fitted with a 15m2 control room, 4m2 vo booth, Adam A7X monitors and Protools native 11.
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    Questions About A Rode NTG-3 (From A Newbie)

    I can recommend the Neumann km185 for indoor work. It's of course more expensive than the oktava, but far from the pricetag of a shoeps or mkh50. I bought mine when I couldn't afford an mkh50. I liked it so much that I soon got another one and now also use them as a pair for wide ambience recording. They sound very different from the mkh50 though, as the neumann is much smoother in the high end and hasn't got the same punch. The reach is a bit shorter and output a bit lower. But a very nice hyper and definitely an upgrade compared to the oktava, I use it a lot! Lähetetty minun PLK-L01 laitteesta Tapatalkilla