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  1. Anyone missing a Lectrossonics SRb Blk 19 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lectrosonics-SRb5P-Dual-Channel-Slot-Mount-Wireless-ENG-Receiver-/142489667130?epid=1634423948&hash=item212d0bc63a:g:yB0AAOSwykpZoi56 S/N scratched out, could be 1769, very hard to tell but definitely seems like 1xx9
  2. Last post; post-mortem: 14 year old capacitor has given out on this 2002 build 442. I tested again in morning and this makes most sense. Fiddling at length on the bench put enough current back in capacitor to function, leaving for 60-90 minutes later took a 3-4 on/offs to jump start, leaving it be overnight brought it back to it's sorry state. Without trickle from the capacitor the menu IC lost memory of my settings. The pulsating meter LEDs were a sign of errant current which probably damaged the menu IC wiping out first order menu function. Will discuss with Sound Devices but I've slept on it, gone back through my high school knowledge of electrical engineering and this makes sense.
  3. You are absolutely right Glen, checked back after an hour off and 3-4 restarts to get it back to single menu diminished operation. It's a tough call to fix or not. When the 442 hiccuped, I pulled out a 302 to get through the day and ordered 663, however neither has the output flexibility of the 442. I'm feeling pretty certain it is the IC menu chip.
  4. Incredible, a 10 oz can of air and an extremely focused attention to physical switches - power and menu button area - and she's back! ALMOST -- The first menu function for Output Limiter Threshold is no longer accessible. All other menu functions have mysteriously returned to factory default... This leads me to believe there is an issue with the power to/or IC chip that controls menu functions. In any case this is acceptable for a mixer built in 2002 and used extensively and in harsh documentary style at any given moment
  5. My round knob 442 / 030502364000 / So second to last day of 2002. I was second owner and she performed well until Friday. Please see my latest post and help me solve this mysterious death. I also have an Shure FP 24 which is probably older.
  6. My workhorse SD 442 locked up after 12 years of service and all meter LEDs started pulsing. I suspected the IC chip controlling the menu functions because after tap dancing through the menu buttons the mixer seemed back, the tone oscillator worked and meters registered unity, but couldn't bring back the menu functions and as soon as I tested with mics plugged back in... back to malfunctioning, passing no audio and all LEDs pulsing. Now I can't even do that, at haven't tried and pulled out the backup (always carry a backup). NOW SUSPECT that the memory that retains menu settings is wiped or a capacitor failure. She's on the bench this morning and I don't see any telltale signs of capacitor failure, it just has the cover off and doing a blow out and visual inspection, but this is the most logical deduction I have. If anyone experienced a 442 death like this I would like to know what they think or if they had it repaired. This happened very suddenly and after 4 days of traveling on a short flight as plane side checked in a very well padded case. No choice in on a shuttle. Mine is old and has it's inputs soldered straight to the board, no ribbon cable connections, but it does have the waterproof coated boards. I know about the SD bench fee and 'm most probably not going to fix unless someone can say definitively what happened and what to do. It was serviced last year... this is just more of a post mortem exercise IMG_1406[1].MOV
  7. Replacing that grille on the mic body is very tough. I made a wooden jig by drilling a hole with 7/64 " drill bit to press in while retaining shape of grille. I used some dental tools to massage the grille along to get it all lined up and also used the epoxy method in pin drop amounts. Worked but one piece of wire didn't get into the body and a vampire clip snag took it off a month later. I'm in process of seeing if Sanken can send me some grilles and thought of using the Loctite Red, the same stuff to secure bolts in engines. Super glue sets to quick and flows to easily.
  8. Thanks Jim, I read through manual, and worked with two XF 305 cameras today. It's own time code wasn't jamming one way, but worked the other and that perplexed the owner / operator, so we jammed out from the XF 305 that didn't like recieveing time code. So in a nutshell, it is a pretty similiar type of circuit. Most the day I could keep cables connected so it wasn't necessary to try the Comtek fix. Mike Rustle only showed up once Much obilged and happy birthday! Rob Shire
  9. The Canon C 300 has a switch for Time Code in or out, is a XF 305 the same? Are the Time Code circuits indentical in the two cameras? or is Canon making something different... I'm thinking about jamming Sound Devices Time Code through 216 Comteks on two XF 305, I would be recording...BUT have read XF 305 only takes 29.97 ND, can anyone confirm or deny that too?
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